5 Best Speech To Text App For LG V40 ThinQ

Do you have a lot of notes to take? Or, maybe you use your phone to talk to a lot of different people all day long and on a daily basis. All of that typing can get old and tiring quickly, especially if you’re driving or doing something and don’t always have time to respond. That’s why speech dictation is so nice — you can press the microphone button in any texting app, and Google’s built in dictation will help you convert speech straight into text.

Unfortunately, sometimes Google’s built-in dictation isn’t available in different forms, such as in a third party email app or something else. That’s why you might want to consider downloading a quality speech to text app. Not sure which one to download? Here are our top picks.

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Coming up as first on our list, we have SpeechTexter. This one provides you with industry leading and powerful software, which allows you to do some neat things like continuous voice dictation for the ability to talk without interrupting for trying to capitalize or punctuate sentences. SpeechTexer actually supports over sixty different languages, but English is the most accurate of all of them — it actually has an accuracy rating of 95%. SpeechTexter can be used without an Internet connection, but keep in mind that the accuracy rating does drop when you aren’t connected.

Download it now: Google Play

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SpeechNotes is the second contender on our list, and is one of our favorites. Their company goal is to make note taking as quick and efficient as possible. Just open up SpeechNotes, tap the big microphone button, and then you can straight note dictation straight away. SpeechNotes actually has and supports continuous dictation, which means you can talk without ever stopping.

The voice dictation in SpeechNotes is actually extremely accurate. This is because the app takes advantage of Google’s voice dictation engine, which does extremely well in transposing what you say into text. On top of that, SpeechNotes has a great design, is easy to use, and has multiple avenues for sharing your notes with others.

Download it now: Google Play

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Voice Notebook

Voice Notebook comes in as third on our list, and is a great way to take notes with using just your voice. Voice Notebook is one of the few Speech to Text apps out there that has an extremely clean user interface and is easy to use. Voice Notebook actually gives you a lot of different options for saving notes — you can save notes to your local storage, or you can send your notes over to an attached Cloud storage account.

One of the more unique features of Voice Notebook is that it can even dictate notes when you’re not connected to the Internet. It’s more accurate when you are connected, but you can still jot down a basic note when you’re offline.

Download it now: Google Play


Speech to Text

Coming up as fourth on our list is the aptly named Speech To Text app. This one is great at converting speech to text in a message that is easy to send over to friends. Not only does it make it easy to send messages over to friends and family by way of text, but you can easily send them over by way of text message or email as well. Speech To Text gives you the option to fill in a phone number or email address as a recipient.

Download it now: Google Play

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And finally, we are looking at one of the best speech to text apps available. This is because this one actually uses the Google Voice engine for all of its voice recognition, which makes AutoWrite extremely accurate in its English dictation. AutoWrite makes it really easy to dictate messages, and then they make it really easy to share with others as well. One of the nice things about this app is that AutoWrite is efficient at voice recognition and dictation — it’s even able to automatically recognize capital letters and punctuation — you don’t have to pause in between any of that.

Download it now: Google Play


Here we have assembled five of the best ways that you can easily turn your speech into legible text — this reduces a lot of effort where you don’t have to type our every thought. Is there a speech to text app that is the best, though? Most of these will achieve the same means that you’re trying to accomplish; however, both SpeechTexter and SpeechNotes are awesome choices.

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