5 Best Selfie Sticks For OnePlus 6T

Are you looking to enhance your photo taking abilities with the OnePlus 6T? Then you’ll want to consider picking up the best selfie sticks for OnePlus 6T, or at least one of them. Selfie sticks increase your field of view, allowing you to get better photos of friends and family, as well as hard to achieve views of landscapes! However, not every selfie stick is equal — you don’t want to cheap out on one that won’t keep your phone securely in place, and you definitely don’t want one with a poor warranty.

That’s why we’ve assembled this list of best selfie sticks for you. If you follow along below, we’ll show you only the best options available to you today. Here are our top picks.

Mocreo 360

The Mocreo 360 comes in as first up on our list, and is one of the best selfie sticks that you can pick up for the OnePlus 6T. This is the latest model, so you get everything that all of the past revisions have fixed. You connect it up to your OnePlus 6T by way of Bluetooth, which enables you to use the remote shutter button at the bottom of the selfie stick. Line up your shot, press the button, and your OnePlus 6T takes the photo.

Selfie World 5-in-1 Stick

If you’re looking for a selfie stick that you don’t have to maintain with batteries, the Selfie World 5-in-1 Stick will be right up your alley. Instead of using batteries, it actually is able to draw enough power from your phone to power the selfie stick. Simply put your phone into the mount, plug the wire into your phone, and you’re ready to start taking selfies. As a little insurance, you get a rubberized grip around the handle. This keeps the selfie stick from slipping around risking you dropping it.

Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Anker’s Bluetooth Selfie Stick comes in as third on our list. If you’re looking for a great quality selfie stick backed by an excellent brand, this one by Anker will be right up your alley. Set your phone in the phone holder, connect up the selfie stick to your OnePlus 6T over Bluetooth, and you can start taking some excellent photos. You can extend it out a whole 29-inches, which will enable you to not only get everyone in the photo, but to take better views of landscapes, too.

Anker’s selfie stick does run off of its own battery, so you will have to make sure it stays charged to use it; however, a full charge lasts about 20 hours.

Kungfuren Seiko

Fourth up on our list is the Kungfuren Seiko selfie stick. It might be a little known brand on the market, but this excellent selfie, stick will make it easy to get all of your friends or family members in the photo. This one does connect up over Bluetooth, so you will have to keep the selfie stick itself charged as well. The Bluetooth functionality is nice because it makes it easy to naturally take the photo with the remote shutter button. At its shortest, this one is just 11-inches, but you can fully extend it out to 32-inches. You don’t have to worry about charging it too much, because you can get up to 50 hours of juice out this one.

MPow Selfie Stick

The MPow Selfie Stick might come in as the last contender on our list, but it’s one of the best that you can buy for your OnePlus 6T. This one is a fairly basic selfie stick — set your phone in it, secure it in the holder, and you can extend it up to 32-inches. It connects to your OnePlus 6T over Bluetooth, which means that you do have to keep the selfie stick charged in order to use it; however. the Bluetooth allows you to use the remote shutter button so you can take a more natural photo.


If you’re looking for a great way to get everyone in the family photo or to take better landscape photos, a selfie stick is an excellent way to make that happen. There isn’t a better way to get everyone in the photo than with a selfie stick. But, you have to make sure that you purchase a quality option — you want to make sure that your OnePlus 6T stays secure in the holder when the selfie stick is fully extended out! The MPow Selfie Stick is easily your best bet on this list!