5 Best MicroSD Memory Card For OnePlus 6T

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Picked up a OnePlus 6T and running out of storage space already? That’s why companies like OnePlus are offering larger and larger storage options, but it doesn’t really help if you’re running into this problem after already buying your phone! Luckily, OnePlus kept the microSD memory card slot in the OnePlus 6T so that you can easily expand the storage when you run out. And since it runs Android, you can easily mix that storage with what you already have locally. It makes it easy to upgrade a, say, 64GB smartphone, to a 128GB smartphone.

You don’t want to just pick up any ol’ microSD memory card, though. You want to make sure that you’re getting something with decent write and read speeds, as well as something that will last you a long time. Not sure which microSD card is best for your Galaxy S9? Follow along below and we’ll show you!

SanDisk Extreme PRO V30

Coming in as our first contender we have the SanDisk Extreme PRO V30 microSD card. If you’re looking for something that can handle the demands of 4K video this microSD memory card will be right up your alley. This one is rated for top speeds in all sorts of different applications, including for just loading apps. Actual data transfer speeds are pretty impressive — you get a whopping 90Mbps in write speeds, as well as 100MB per second read. There’s a handful of resistances built into the microSD card, which keep it protected from water, dust, shock, and more.

SanDisk Extreme PLUS U3

If you’re looking for something that can handle the perils of weather and adverse conditions, the SanDisk Extreme Plus U3 microSD card will be right up your alley. Drop or sink your phone in water or get dust in it and the microSD memory card will be able to withstand that. This one has a whopping 64GB of internal storage, so it’ll give you plenty of space for extra photos, apps, games, and more. This card is 4K-ready, so you’ll be able to use it to film in the highest resolution possible.

Samsung Pro+

Coming in as our third contender, we have the Samsung Pro+. This one has a whopping 128GB of storage inside, so you’ll have plenty of extra space for almost anything — photos, high definition video, 4K video, apps, games, and so much more. This microSD memory card has some awesome data transfer speeds — you get a sweet 95Mbps in read speeds and 90Mbps in write. This one is actually magnet-proof, so it can withstand things like x-rays and other magnetic experiences.

Samsung Evo Select

Don’t want to swallow the high price tag of the Samsung Pro+ microSD card? Then you might want to consider something similar, but a little cheaper. Samsung’s EVO Select line of microSD cards are a little easier to swallow. This one actually has 128GB of space inside, and it features some pretty wicked data transfer speeds — 100MB in read and 90MB per second in write. It can actually fit around 6-hours of optimized 4K footage inside it.

Samsung Evo PLUS

Coming in as our last contender, we have the Samsung EVO Plus microSD memory card. If you’re looking for something on a budget for your OnePlus 6T, this is the card to use. Slap it in your OnePlus 6T, and you’ll get an extra 64GB of storage space to use for photos, videos, apps, games, and more. You can get a 32GB model even cheaper, if you so choose.

If you’re paying for this budget level card, it’s worth noting that the data transfer speeds are significantly lower than the others on this list. You still get around 100MB per second in in read speeds, but your write speeds drop to a meager 60MB per second. Samsung says this one can still handle 4K, but you cannot store nearly as much. The microSD card itself is backed by Samsung’s own 10-year warranty.


As you can see, there are a myriad of different microSD memory cards to choose from. So, which one is the best for your new OnePlus 6T? That might be a hard call to make, but we really love what Samsung is offered in the Samsung Pro+ package. You’ll really be set with any of these, with the only one having low performance being the Samsung Evo PLUS.

Do you have a favorite microSD memory card? Let us know in the comments section below.