5 Best Games Like Slither.IO

Slither.io is a massive multiplayer video game developed by Steve Howse, and released by Lowtech Studios. It’s been out for years, but its community has not ceased in growing. Being thrown into a massive map, where the only goal is to get bigger, and kill people in the process, this one is an enjoyable one that all of us have probably played one time or another. However, this leaves many of us wanting more. After having stuck 50+ hours into this game many of us were left searching for alternatives. Luckily, there are plenty games like Slither.io, and we’ve got all of our favorites listed below.


Hole.io comes up as number on on our countdown, and is actually a physics puzzle game made by Voodoo. Hole.io is available on Android and iOS. In Hole.io you are a black hole, going to absorb the world, and you have plenty of cosmetic options to use. Some of these are unlocked by achievements. Achievements are actually earned in the various game modes, of which there are three to play with — Solo, Battle, and Classic.. In the game mode Battle, you will face off against other black holes and absorb them. In Solo run, you will race the clock and attempt to destroy the entirety of the map in 2 minutes. In Classic, you will compete with a series of other black holes in order to achieve the highest score on the leaderboard, absorbing other holes also improve your score even more.


With Supersnake.io the similarities don’t stop at the name, gameplay will prove to be quite similar as well. In the game, you play a snake, and you must grow your snake to become better. To do this, you must eat other players and red dots to grow to a large size. There is a leaderboard tracking your progress when you play online, and there is an offline single player mode as well. As you traverse the world, be careful of the spiked walls, these will kill you, and you will have to restart your score.

There are also other various items in the game, such as explosive mines that will kill you, and brown circles that will slow you down as you move through them. While Supersnake.io may not be quite as exemplary as Slither.io, its gameplay difference is good at adding some variety to your snake quest for domination.


Mope.io is a massive multiplayer game published by Stan Tatarnykov. With a large map to enjoy, this game generally follows the same principles as the previous ones on this list — eat to get large, so you can get larger. But this game brings several twists to the already-enjoyable game, they add a survival feature, water, which you will have to drink to survive. Other features such as special abilities, hiding holes, and swimming are also included. You can play anything from a fox, to a rabbit, to a dragon, each with their own abilities for you to use and exploit. You can even challenge players to one versus one combat to prove yourself superior to your opponent. There are also many other features in this game, such as bee hives that will release hordes of bees unto you, or your unsuspecting foes.


MyFrog.io is a multiplayer game that focuses on survival and growth. In MyFrog.io, you will choose a frog to play the game with, and then you’ll enter your chosen screen name for the session. After starting the game, you are set in a world with other players, in which you must eat colourful dots to grow. Just be sure to avoid other players.! All players in the game can actually create lily pads behind them that will kill anyone who runs into them. The simplistic nature of the gameplay means that players will not have a hard time becoming a professional as they climb to the top of the leaderboard.


Rusher.io is a massive multiplayer game with one goal — murder people to get a larger lance. As you kill people with your lance, your lance gets bigger. Eventually, you are given a sprint ability, where you don’t have to hit them with the end to kill them. This game only has one game mode. It actually has a strangely satisfying moment where you hold a jousting tournament with your opponent and end up killing him with a loud thud, complete with blood and screen shaking. It’s certainly not one to be played around the public!


As you can see, there are a ton of excellent titles that are similar to Slither.io. By playing other games like it, you can keep this genre fresh and exciting. What’s your favorite game like Slither.io?

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