5 Best Echo Dot Alternative In 2020

Amazon is advertising its Echo Dot pretty heavily, really trying to push for getting its Alexa voice assistant in people’s homes. The Echo Dot overall is a really neat device, allowing you to shout commands at it whenever you want to know what the weather looks like or what your upcoming schedule is. You can even ask it to play your favorite playlist, and it’ll sync that request with all the Echo Dot’s and Echo’s in your home so that you have your favorite tunes in any room that you walk into. Suffice to say, it’s nothing short of amazing, but some folks might not like the mid-range audio quality pushed in such a small package, or even its design. That said, there are plenty of options still out there for you, even on the Amazon Echo front. Follow along below, and we’ll show you what those are!

Echo Dot Alternative

Sonos One

First up on our list is the Sonos One. Sonos has turned the One into a full fledged smart home speaker by putting Amazon Alexa software inside of it. With the Sonos One, you essentially have your own Echo Dot, but with phenomenal speakers. Ask the Sonos One how the weather is, or control supported devices with supported Alexa Skills. You can control all of Amazon’s Fire TV products with the Sonos One, and you can even ask the Sonos One to play your favorite music from any supported applications you have connected. Sound quality on this smart home speaker is phenomenal, giving you rich, clear sound with a booming bass.

Amazon Echo

Not a fan of the Echo Dot and its size? Amazon made the Echo Dot so that consumers could easily put Alexa all throughout the home without breaking the bank; however, if you’d rather have a full-size unit, the Amazon Echo is the perfect option for you. You can give the Echo all sorts of commands, such as what the weather looks like, what’s on your calendar, or who the sixth president of the United States was. Yes, there’s plenty of information-based questions that you can ask it, too. The Amazon Echo even supports hands-free calling, and can play music from your favorite applications as well.

Google Home

People who don’t like the Amazon or Apple ecosystem still have at least one other high quality option available to them: the Google Home. The Google Home has its own Assistant software built inside, which is really powerful AI technology. With Assistant, you can ask it all the normal things that you would ask a virtual assistant — how the weather is, calendar appointments, call a friend, etc — but in addition to that, you can easily control your smart home products and even joke around with Assistant. It’s one of the first AI technologies to actually have humor built right into it. And with an upcoming update, Google plans to let you use Assistant to make service calls — like to a plumber — for you! It’s a very easy way to make your life easier and more efficient.

Apple HomePod

If you’re already in the Apple ecosystem, you might want to consider picking yourself up a HomePod or two. The Apple HomePod basically puts Siri inside your home, allowing you to give her commands like how the weather is, what your calendar looks like, send a text message to x person, and so on. The HomePod also supports hands-free calling and can control smart home devices that work with Apple’s HomeKit software. The HomePod also has great speakers built inside, so listening to music with it is a joy as well.

Amazon Echo Show

Folks who are looking for something a little more innovative and robust should consider what the Echo Show has to offer. Traditionally, Echo devices haven’t had a display, but the Echo Show has a small one built-in. The Echo Show is able to take all the commands of the Echo, but can do some additional ones due to the screen. You make hands-free video calls, tell the Echo Show to pull up the baby monitor video feed, and even pull up your front door security camera feed. It can show you the weather on-screen, upcoming calendar events, and even pull up lyrics when you’re playing music.


As you can see, even if you’re not a big fan of the size of the Echo Dot, there are still plenty of smart home speaker solutions available for you, even with Alexa built-in.

Echo Dot Alternative