5 Best Animal Games For Kids On Android

You walk down the sidewalk and your child stops to watch every squirrel, wants to approach every dog and begs to take each stray cat they see home.  Their clothes are littered with animal images and their rooms are filled with the stuffed equivalents. They wander around the house on all fours making the sounds of their chosen farmyard muse.  It may be time to find your child a game to help them fulfill their dream as best you can right now. These are the 5 best animal game apps for your child on Android (and most on Apple) phones right now.

Pet World — My Animal Shelter

Your child loves all things animal.  They want the dog, cat, fish, parakeet, squirrel and the earthworm they found on the sidewalk.  This app is for them. Similar in style to games like Farmville and Township, this is a game where they must manage an animal shelter feeding, grooming and exercising the various animals in the shelter.  Then finding appropriate owners to adopt them. The children learn about what types of food or care each animal takes. Plus they gain a whole host of animal friends to play with.

Download it now: Google Play

Kids Zoo Game — Preschool

This game is for the littlest animal lover of the family.  Your young veterinarian or animal handler can get their start learning their animals with this game.  There are fun matching games where they learn what animals are the same and different. They can learn their animals through different sets of animal flash card: zoo animals, farm animals, pets and wild animals.  Then they can use that knowledge in a game where they have to find the right animal in the zoo. As well as learning animals there are tracing and drawing pages where your toddler will have a chance to try to draw these lovely furries themselves.  

Download it now: Google Play

Dog Town: Pet Shop Game, Care & Play With Dog

It is said that every kid needs a dog.  But not every family is set up to give that opportunity.  So the next best thing is Dog Town: Pet Shop Game. Your child will be able to pick their puppies and begin to raise them.  Filled with options, your child gets to design the bedroom that their puppies will live in as well as advancing to earn more and more dogs as they go along.  They will be able to feed, wash, groom, train and clothe their dogs. As they train them, there will be challenges and competitions for them to enter to gain more rewards and grow in their skills.  The creators of this game took great care to try to create an atmosphere where you will actually care for these little pixelated critters just like the real things. One of the best dog games out there for kids.

Download it now: Google Play


This game is for your horse lover. Your child has dreamed of owning a horse.  They know what breed, color and what they will do with them. This app allows them an outlet for that passion.  Howrse has been a well loved and long played game for over a decade. Your child will love that they can raise and train horses.  Choose what breeds you love and improve them over generations. Care for foals and train them up to become champions in Dressage, show jumping, cross country and races.  They can run their own equestrian center. They can play on a team or individually.

Download it now: Google Play

Cat Simulator by Swift Apps

For your child who loves cats, Cat Simulator is a fantastic game where they are able to play as a cat themselves.  They can explore homes, mansion, and extensive gardens. There are cat outfits to try, time challenges to overcome and lots of humans to pester and annoy.  Cat breeds are not only domestic cats, but your child can also choose from such exotic animals as bobcat, cheetah and tiger. There are plenty of interactive people and animals to annoy or make friends with.  This game can be played solo, but also can be played with friends or you can compete against players from around the globe. The controls are simple to use.

Download it now: Google Play


 Your child, no matter what animal they long for, can find a great outlet for that fuzzy love on your android device.  In many cases, they will actually be able to learn more about what it takes to take care of those warm hearted companions and also more facts about the types of animals and opportunities that are out there when working with them.  

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