5 Best Alternative to 10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail started off slow in popularity, but it’s becoming a massive “hit” service that people are using all over the world. Essentially, it gives you an email address that you can use for 10 minutes, and then it’s automatically deleted, or disappears.

There are a lot of great reasons to use a temporary email address. For example, almost every site we visit today requires an email as part of some sort of login information. That’s a bunch of spam that you don’t want going to your primary email box. And sometimes, you just need an email to give someone to throw them off your trail. It’s a great way to keep yourself private and secure on the ‘net.

And, when the temporary email address is deleted, all of your emails through that address are securely deleted. They aren’t thrown out on the World Wide Web for prying eyes to grab a hold of.

That said, 10 Minute Mail is a great platform; however, there are plenty of other alternatives for temporary email addresses as well. Let’s dive right in, and show you our top five favorite alternatives.

Guerilla Mail

Coming in number five place, we have Guerilla Mail. Guerilla Mail is a great place to obtain temporary email addresses. You can set one up in seconds. However, Guerilla Mail has been around since the 90s, and the design of their website is a testament to that. It hasn’t changed much since then, aside from some small things to make it easier to obtain a temporary email address.

There are plenty of different domains that Guerilla Mail will allow you to use. There isn’t a set timer on when your address is deleted — it lasts as long as you keep your “session”, window, or tab open. Once you close that in your browser, you can’t get that address back.


10 Minute Mail might’ve been around for a long time, but Mailinator is another reliable temporary email service that has been around for years. Mailinator makes the service easy to use, allowing almost anyone to setup a temporary email address in under 60 seconds. Mailinator is free of charge, but they do offer enterprise-level temporary email addresses for those that need to handle a lot of volume. That is offered at an added cost, but once again, basic, temporary email addresses are free.


Maildrop has some similar traits to Mailiantor; however, Maildrop is definitely one of our favorites, as it has a more modern and clean user interface. It’s very easy to look at and follow, and that could be because it very much follows Google’s own Material Design guidelines.

You can create a temporary mail address with Maildrop for free, and in just a couple of seconds. It has a tool for automatically suggesting an address name; however, all addresses do end with the @maildrop.cc domain, which some email forms may not accept.

Fake Mail Generator

There’s isn’t a whole lot to Fake Mail Generator — it is literally a bare bones application. You head to the Fake Mail Generator, obtain your temporary address, and that’s it! It gets right to the crux of a temporary email address service, and does nothing else. You can refresh the page to automatically generate a new address type with another domain name, but that’s it.


And finally, coming in number one place, we have a site called Getairmail. It’s another simple way to generator a temporary email address; however, it has a much cleaner and easier to use design than Fake Mail Generator and some of the others. To get a temporary email address, just press the Get Temporary Email button in the middle of the page, and then you’re taken to your temporary inbox. From here, you can adjust your email address, as well as change the domain name on it.


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent alternatives to 10 Minute Mail. Temporary email address services are a great way to keep your primary inbox clean, and keep your own privacy secure. If you’ve ever hated flooding your primary inbox with hundreds of marketing emails, silly newsletters, and more, one of these temporary email address generators is a great way to avoid that.

Do you have a favorite 10 Minute Mail alternative? Sound off in the comments section below.

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