11 Best Smart Rings in 2023

Smart wearables, such as the best smart rings are available in abundance around us. However, when we talk about wearables, we only consider accessories like smartwatches, fitness bands, earbuds and so on. However, there’s a relatively new breed of wearables available in the market, and they’re sold in the form of conventional rings. This can be helpful for those who do not like large or bulky fitness accessories and would like to track their health metrics using a smaller accessory.

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Smart rings aren’t available in abundance as smart fitness accessories are. This makes picking the right ring that much harder. This is why we decided to look through the internet and find some of the best smart rings going around in 2023. So without waiting any further, let’s have a look at our list.

Best Smart Rings

Best Smart Rings

1) Motiv Ring

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular smart rings available in the market and with good reason. Motiv has perfected the art of making the best smart ring, and the results are pretty much out there to show. This smart ring works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, tracking your sleep, steps, activity, distance, as well as heart rate. Made using ultra-light titanium materials, the Motiv Ring is incredibly light on your finger and incredibly comfortable as well.

The company supplies a USB charger along with the product, which takes only 90 minutes to charge the ring. Battery life varies depending on your usage, but the manufacturer claims that a full charge should eke out at least 3 days of use. If you’re already invested in your smartphone’s stock health app (Google Fit, for example), the Motiv Ring will seamlessly connect with it and sync all your data on the cloud.

The company also provides comprehensive online security for your accounts. Since the fit of a ring can differ from person to person, the manufacturer will send you a sampler first to pick your size. You then have to select the size and the color of the ring, which the manufacturer will ship immediately. This is a slightly inconvenient process, but when it’s something as intricate as a ring, it makes sense to cover all your bases.

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2) NFC Smart Ring

This comes from a little known manufacturer, but given the feature it’s packing, we felt it was worth a mention here. This ring functions on NFC, as the name suggests. It can also make a great companion accessory for your smartphone, thanks to features like phone unlock, quick launching applications etc.

Since NFC is highly customizable, you can select a varied number of functions with this ring. You can download the NFC TOOL PRO app from the Play Store to unlock this ring’s true potential.

While it cannot track your health metrics, the NFC smart ring is surely a great companion to have keeping convenience in mind. The company mentions that the ring is compatible with Samsung, Huawei and a bunch of other Android smartphones.

Some phones might even require you to enable root access to use the ring to its full potential. The company offers several sizes of rings to choose from, depending on the size of your fingers. The ring also manages to impress thanks to its beautiful design, and it’s likely that you’ll fool your friends for a while.

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3) KEYDEX Ring

This is an attractive ring made of ceramic that rules out allergies and other reactions you might have to metal based rings. It features NFC on board, allowing you to set actions using the company’s app. The manufacturer has also somehow managed to make this water proof (up to 30m), which is great news.

You can also can edit name cards, web address, text and do a whole lot more using just the app. Keeping this in mind, it’s no different from the ring we spoke about above.

This also means that you don’t get fitness metrics of any kind, but solely the ability to customize actions on your phone to pair with the ring. For example, you can also unlock your phone using just the ring. The sizing remains a concern for some users, so it makes sense to check with the manufacturer before you order your product.

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21DwFZzruaS. SL500

4) Hecere Ceramic Smart Ring

This is yet another NFC based smart ring that can make your life a whole lot easier. In terms of features, it only comes with NFC, so there are no health based sensors to track your steps, heart rate, activity and so on. It usese 360-degree omni-directional sensing technology. So think of this like a companion accessory to your smartphone, saving you the trouble of having to unlock the phone each time.

It works on proximity, so whenever your phone is near the ring, you simply have to tap it to unlock it. It works seamlessly, thanks to NFC technology, while there are several other functions you can add to the ring to use it to its full potential.

The ring is made of quality stainless steel, and also has a silicone overlay above it, making sure the user is comfortable even with prolonged use. In terms of compatibility, the Hecere works with most Android smartphones, although it is necessary that the device has NFC support by default just dowload NFC read-write APP.

This covers almost any new smartphone from the past two years, so you should have no problem finding a compatible device.

5) Sopear Smart Ring

This NFC ring is made of titanium and comes with a bunch of features on board. It cannot read activity data, although it can be used to unlock your phone, open the music app (or any app) with just one tap of the ring.

It is waterproof, so you should have no trouble wearing this during rains or while working out. The battery onboard automatically charges itself, so you don’t have to set it aside onto a charging station after a few days. Since it’s built with titanium, it’s pretty strong as well, capable of lasting falls from any height.

It goes without saying that this ring will only work with devices that have NFC enabled, so make sure you check with your phone manufacturer beforehand. The company offers the ring in multiple sizes, allowing you to choose what fits you best. The company also claims that the crystal ceramic used in its making can have multiple natural health benefits.



6) Jakcom R5

This is yet another NFC based smart ring that can help you ease everyday hassles of life. The company claims that it’s made of germanium, which is a rare metal found in the earth’s crust. Some believe that it can also help in soothing your nerves thanks to the ring’s magnetic force.

Given its functionality, it can only work on Android and Windows Phones, while iOS devices are exempt from the list. It comes with an app, which will help you set it up completely. Once setup, you can configure certain settings on your phone to activate when you tap the ring on your device.

This is something that a lot of NFC smart rings can do, so we’re not sure if it’s a major differentiating factor here. One key point to keep in mind here is that you will need a smartphone with NFC compatibility for any of the ring’s features to work.

Thankfully, however, most new smartphones come with NFC enabled, so this shouldn’t be a major concern for Android device owners. The ring is available in a total of four sizes, giving you enough options to choose from.

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Best Smart Rings

7) ChiTronic Ring

This offering is capable of multiple functions thanks to a companion app that enables most of its features. It is also interesting to note that this ring has been in the market for quite some time now, although the company offers an upgraded model now.

It is compatible with NFC capable Android and WP (Windows Phone) smartphones, although the company hasn’t mentioned a detailed compatibility list here. As of now, the seller is only offering the 66mm version of the ring, so if you have a bigger or smaller ring size, you’re probably going to wait.

Color variants are relatively scarce as well, and the users only have the Black version to choose from. In terms of design, the ring doesn’t stand out from the crowd thanks to its simple design. The faux jewel on the front is also a very nice touch. It cannot perform fitness or activity related functions, although it can unlock your smartphone, and let assign specific functions in accordance with the ring.

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8) Smart Ring by 7

This is a slightly more fashionable accessory compared to the ones we’ve discussed previously. Thanks to the white stone on top, it mimics a typical fashion accessory. The ring is made of 925 Sterling Silver, so you’re getting a premium offering here.

The size, however, also allows the manufacturer to pack in sensors that are necessary for the ring to work. Most importantly, this ring comes with a Bluetooth sensor, enabling a world of opportunities with your smartphone. This is possible thanks to the company’s dedicated app, unlocking the potential of the ring. Here, you will also be able to setup anti-theft features for the ring using the app.

Given the amount of features underneath, the manufacturers had to place a battery inside. The charging mechanism, however, is simply spectacular. This smart ring uses a wireless charger which the company claims was designed after much thought.

You simply have to place your ring in the charger and pick it up when it’s done. The ring also comes with a vibration motor for alerts via your phone. The stone has a series of LEDs underneath, which allows you to color code app based notifications (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc).

A ring of this nature is also expected to sustain water and dust, and it does thanks to the IP67 certification. As you probably imagined, this offering is significantly more expensive than most smart rings.

9) Go2Sleep

This is a wildly popular product that has its roots in crowdfunding. The result is a feature filled modern smart ring that can truly enhance the way you live your life. The first thing you will notice about this ring is its size.

Well, it’s not the smallest rings out there, and especially with the protuberance, it can be difficult to get used to. However, the size is a necessary sacrifice considering the features it offers. It gives you details on your heart rate/blood oxygen as well as apnea screening and sleep quality among other things.

All the data recorded by the sensors can be read through the app, which pairs with the ring via Bluetooth. It comes with an IP67 certified body as well as a 24 hour battery life as per the company’s estimations. Charging the ring is a cool process and only involves placing it on a charging dock supplied by the company. The retail packaging also includes multiple ring holder sizes to fit all.

At just 6 grams, it’s fairly light as well. The ring is compatible with smartphones running Android 4.2 and higher. Luckily enough, it also works with iOS devices. This product is still available on Indiegogo with stocks running out quickly.

10) Oura Smart Ring

Perhaps one of the most advanced and stylish looking smart rings of all, the Oura Smart Ring has been in the market for a while now. Although its rings are priced at the high end spectrum, they’re no doubt one of the best smart rings money can buy. The company offers its rings in multiple variants, including a super luxury diamond variant priced differently.

In terms of onboard features, the Oura Smart Ring is pretty well packed. To start off, it comes with an infrared lens that allows the ring to measure your blood volume pulse directly on the palmar arteries of the finger. It also has an NTC body temperature sensor, which works by measuring your body temperature while you’re asleep.

Finally, the 3D accelerometer and gyroscope allow the ring to precisely track your movements and cleverly ascertain when you’re being active and inactive. The ring has a battery underneath which can last up to one week. It’s rechargeable, so you simply have to charge it for a few hours to get it going again.

11) Blinq Smart Ring

This is a sophisticated smart ring with a bunch of features on board. The design is what grabs the attention at first glance. The ring is made using Sterling Silver and precious gemstones, so it’s dripping premium.

As you would expect with a modern smart ring, it comes with a dedicated app that helps you learn some of its features. What’s more important here is the fact that the ring also works as an SOS button, quickly alerting your emergency contacts. It also has a pedometer that allows the ring to track the number of steps you’ve taken in a day and sync that data with Google Fit.

The ring can also work for app alerts, with the ability to choose customizable alerts depending on the app. Since the ring also works as a notifications hub, the app allows you deep control over what notifications you can get on the ring.

Verdict Best Smart Rings

As you can see, there are a lot of excellent smart rings that you can purchase today. Just about any of these will sync up with your smartphone and bring you these dynamic notifications right on your finger. The nice things about these are that, even though these are “smart” technology-based rings, they still look really nice and professional.

Do you have a favorite smart ring that you use?

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