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By the way, did you know that by performing a soft reset on your phone, it may fix several of the common problems? Perhaps you should give it a shot.

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Quick Tips That May Solve Your Android Problems

  • To Perform a Soft Reset, simply remove your battery for at least 10 seconds to allow the system to drain out any excess power.  Once you re-install the battery and power up the device, you just might have a working device.

  To be more specific:

  1. Turn the device over so that the battery cover is facing up.
  2. The battery compartment release is located on the back of the device.
  3. To remove the battery cover, lift the battery cover from the release slot.
  4. Remove the battery, then wait 10 seconds before inserting the battery again.
  • It is also important to maintain your phone at an optimal level.  Did you know that once you open an app, that app will run in the background until you end the process manually?  Too many apps running in the background will drain the memory allocated to the apps you need.  To maintain your phone, you should occasionally stop the apps running in the background that you are no longer using.  A simple app to close all the unused app is called “Advanced Task Killer”, which you can download for free in the Android Play store.

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  1. Having a problem with Note 4. Power button stopped working, now the device options menu keeps popping up. Done factory reset, took out memory card and sim card, still having issue. took it to phone store, they didn’t know, they told me my motherboard was dead, shows how much they know. Still having this issue with device options menu popping up, downloaded wakelock, helps some but still have issue.

  2. My S8 wont click on phone numbers to call them, either from diary entries or from web pages, it copies the number to a bub screen at the bottom of the page, but when I click on the phone icon nothing happens, have I inadvertently disabled something ?

  3. Hi, my S6 randomly stopped working the other night, I was charging it and when i grabbed it it had a blank screen and a blinking blue light. Everything I found online said to try rebooting it with button combinations but mine is unresponsive to any of these, it also does not vibrate when i plug a charging cord into it. I did try cleaning the port and using other cords. Let me know if anyone knows what the problem is please.

  4. my samsung galaxy s6 fell into a bucket of water; since then, it has started to overheat, quick drainage of battery. When one app is opened it will minimizing and maximizing the app frequently. What I do to solve this problem?

  5. my samsung galaxy s6 fell into a bucket of water; since it has started to overheat, quick drainage of battery. When one app is opened it will minimizing and maximizing the app frequently. What I do to solve this problem?

  6. Hi, my Samsung Galaxy S5 is not booting up. I got a new phone (not the s5) and I transferred my files over, then performed a factory reset (on the s5) so I could sell it. Whenever I try to boot it up again, the Samsung logo flashes and then goes away. I’ve tried booting in safe mode, but it won’t even do that.

  7. Hello, my phone froze out of nowhere. It was on then went to the start up screen saying ‘samsung galaxy s7’ and wouldn’t do anything, I did the reboot by holding the volume down and power buttons and it rebooted once. Once it came back on the touch screen and home button wasnt working then it turned off again and now wont do anything, not even reboot! Please helppp! I have had it for no more than a week!

  8. S7 Edge started to reboot automatically for no reason – no update and no water damage HONEST !! We just came out of a concert where I was taking pictures with it on Medium Power Saving Mode and then in a restaurant it rebooted every few minutes. Later last night I did a Volume Down+Power+Home button press and got to the menu where it asked me to either install a custom ROM or reboot. I pressed reboot and the phone booted normally or so I thought.

    I then logged in and initiated a Firmware update OTA as there was one available from Fido (Canada) as I thought this might cure the random reboots.

    I went to sleep and hoped this had worked. Now I get a phone which boots and leaves the error System UI Has Stopped – x Close App. This phone eventually reboots itself.

    I once managed to get into the screen to clear the cache partition and then rebooted from there but still same problem. Now I cannot shut the phone down or so anything with it as the power button gives me the Power Off, Restart, Emergency Mode options but the System, UI error keeps popping up and stops me pressing power off. HELP I am screwed.

    As a FYI, I was using Swiftkey as a keyboard and had Norton installed with anti theft which is supposed to detect a SIM change (nothing changed).

  9. hello,
    I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge from december 2015 that I recently replaced with the new S8. Never had any issues with the S6, I was very pleased with it!
    I gave the ‘old’ S6 Edge to my son. I put a pre-paid card in it and it worked fine for a short while but soon it started rebooting and then work for a while… and rebooting and so on. it began to get ‘stuck’ while restarting and needed some hard resets, before it came back on.
    recently it never rebooted anymore… simply because it now does not seem to charge anymore. I am using the original fast charger, but have tried other Samsung chargers and I’ve tried wireless charging. all chargers work fine on all my other Samsung mobiles… but not om my S6 anymore.
    can you please help me out? any tips on getting it charged or started?

  10. Hi I’m kind of a novice at cell repair, but I’m trying to TS a major issue. This phone has a little history 1st the screen broke so replace the entire LCD . Works like a charm for about a month . Went to the beach with phone and got a little 1st. Normally this would have not been a problem with the 6 , But I think because of the repair the factory seal was no longer there and allowed a little salt water in. After the phone did not recharge after a day. I ordered a new battery . Upon removing old battery I did notice the battery swelled so Was hoping this was the only issue . Have the phone put back together now but same problem . It lights up as if it’s charging and I see the display with Lightning bolt , But does actually never gives a percentage , And blanks out after a minute or 2 . Do you think my problem at this point is a faulty board , Or is it possible the battery they sent is defective.

  11. Hey so i have the Samsung galaxy S4 and anytime i pull down the notifications panel it puts my phone back onto the lock screen. Can i fix this?

  12. Hi so I have a Galaxy Note Edge. I have loved the features of this phone but recently it is not working as it should. Everything has slowed down. it takes too long to load the camera that the picture opportunity passes me by. Battery never charges to 100%. I have already purchased 2 new batteries. same issue with all 3 that I have. Yesterday was dropped calls and no call connection at all. Caller can hear me but I hear nothing after the first 1min of connection. I have reset the phone. i have deleted all the non essential apps and reinstalled them several times. Video playback is crap. Please help I have had it for a year and I cant buy another phone. Please tell me what to do i am at the end of my rope with this phone. UUGGHH!!

  13. my galaxy s7 edge keeps rebooting every 10 seconds to a minute and I can’t even unlock it, as it asks me to enter my password, but the keyboard doesn’t appear. I tried booting in safe mode, but the problem remains

  14. I have a Galaxy Note 5 that was paired with a Panasonic phone system for two years. Suddenly, unable to pair to system. When I try to pair phone, Panasonic system is not displayed as a device. Bluetooth on Panasonic works with my wife’s Iphone, which is paired.

    The bluetooth still works with my car’s bluetooth.

  15. I have a Galaxy note4. I brought a on wireless charging pad to charge my phone but don’t work on my phone note4 but works on galaxy s6. What can I do to get it to charge????

  16. I have a galaxy s5 on my messages my gf contact is a priority says I have 26 messages from her but I can not see her messages. She is the only one I can not see.

  17. A couple days ago, my Samsung S6 Edge made a system update overnite and now I’m not able to enter my phone. It asks for the swipe code, but won’t recognize it. After entering various patterns it won’t lock and ask for my pin code. Is there a way to unlock the phone by other means?

  18. S7 Messaging Notification sound does not play; instead the default notification sound plays. I had problems with the phone so my son cleaned out excess unused apps and got it working better but the notification ringtone no longer worked. I downloaded another one in an mp3 form but it does not play when a text is received. It did play before. Is there a restriction on what sound can be used for a notification sound?

  19. I have an S5 that can get mobile data but has no signal to activate it or make calls. I just replaced the screen so i could use this as a replacement phone (New one stopped working). The phone has been offline for 1.5 years and i have been updating it through WIFI. The new screen is working and I took it in to get activated (New SIM), but now I get the no signal issue even though data works. (I received some signal briefly on the way back from the store so I may revisit the location for activation)

    Thanks in advance.

  20. need help please.

    I have a new huawei p10 and after setting up the safe file folder this folder won’t open anymore.

    If i go in “Files” the built in file manager and click on “safe”, i’m taken back to the home screen (other selections image, audio, etc work fine)

    Also, if i go in settings > security & privacy and click safe file, the animation of a page opening happens but it only reopens security & privacy.

    Any idea what to do before the master reset, i don’t want to lose the files in there

    thank you

  21. Galaxy s5. My original charger is a little frayed. When I tried to charge tonight I got the USE THE ORIGINAL CHARGER…message. It is the original charger. Tried to charge from computer. Same thing.
    Help me.

  22. hi when I go to video and record after I go o watch it get a message saying soy tis video can not play have you an advice you can give me please.
    thanking you

  23. Hi there, I have just read your guide on Samsung Note 4 with the dreaded blackscreen and hope you can help.
    My phone is completely dead, if i plug the usb into my laptop i do get a connection notification beep but that is the only response i get.
    I have tried a new battery, the remove battery and hold power button for 1 / 2 and 3 minutes, still no change.

    Do you have any other methods worth trying ?

    Thanks and best regards

  24. My Nexus 5x got some rain damage, i was able to turn it on after a couple days of drying, however i could not put the phone to charge…
    Once the battery was fully dead it began cycling through a boot loop where it would turn on, go to google screen then shut off.
    I tried to get it fixed and finally ordered a replacement battery online; it arrived, i threw it in and my phone, and it turned on (YES!!!!).
    It was at 40% so i let it die overnight… in the morning it just resorted back to boot loop where it turns on says google than shuts off.

  25. Hi, My Note 3 on straight talk (using AT&T towers) recently developed a issue where I can send a SMS but it won’t recieve them. I’ve factory reset my phone, opened it in safemode, had different people with different carriers try to text me. To no avail. Now if i text like Help to XXXXXX then it’ll get the text. Same with the verification codes that you can have texted to your phone. Those will show up, anything from cell phone though will not. I can still call and receive calls also.

  26. I am having difficulty connecting and transferring my S6 to Windows 7. I can connect and even see and open up the phone on my computer, however a few different things may happen as it will hang or get stuck at a few different points. Sometimes at “my computer” I will get a “not responding” stall or I can get to the DCIM folder and then it will hang. I have even tried using AirDroid and I can see the photos, but when I will try and transfer I will get a transfer failed error. Any help would be appreciated. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and am getting the same issue.

  27. After paying to unlock the IMEI of my s7 edge, then attempting to root it, it does not do anything. Regardless of what i do on the recovery menu, it doesnt do anything. After restart, it flashes the circle saying its installing an update, then goes back to the recovery menu. The only other thing it does is randomly flashes the startup screen. It wont do anything else.

  28. Samsung Galaxy J7 – I have uninstalled Youtube recently, as well as another program, though the Uninstall process. However, every day, I still get the “youtube has stopped running” message, as well as one for prime photos, which I also deleted. Where in the phone are the remnants of these deleted programs hiding so that I can delete that too?

    Thank you!

  29. I have a Samsung S3 and have just changed the sim onto the Orange network on a contract. With the contract I get 500mb data included per month, however all I can get is Wifi. Even when I turn the wifi off I cannot access any 3G or 4G signal despite the mobile data switch being on
    I have tried everything but cannot get mobile data to work
    I tried the sim in my other phone a moto G and it works fine
    Can you help

  30. Massive data drain (Used in 3 days!!) And battery is draining also. All since latest update.

  31. I have Samsung galaxy s4 GT-I9507, purchased from Aus, Currently i am facing isssues like
    1) unfortunately messaging has been stopped – Not able to send SMS
    2) unfortunately google service has been stopped – Not able to open gmail

    Kindly help me to solve this problem ASAP.
    Thanks in advance

  32. Hai,iam using samsung-s7562 model mobile phone currently iam facing 3main problems
    1.while iam taking pics with flash mobile getting shutdown.
    2.mobile getting shutdown while making a call.
    3.while i want to turn on my mobile it getting shut down after few seconds even though batteery showing some charge.
    4.battery showing different charging percentages while iam power on the mobile some times it shows 1%but before it getting shutdown it shows 70% .why this much of huge variation.
    Please help me out immediately
    Thank you

  33. Hi, I have a samsung galaxy3. My phone has started answering in a different format and I can’t answer any calls when it comes up ringing. Have tried swiping, left, right, holding down, but nothing works. I have flashing lights around the whole screen and when I miss the call, it comes up with a box saying missed call and and hand with an orange sleeve holding a phone top right corner. There are adds that I can click on to install or view or learn more, (coin master, CM Launch 3D etc) which makes me think it is something from google. I have been through all my apps to make sure no defaults are on. Would you have any idea what I might have pressed to have this now, or what app it might be. Thank you.

  34. My lg v20 is stuck on safe mode and have tried all means to turn it off but failed.kindly help

  35. Hi, I have been having following problems with my Samsung edge 7 for the last 6 weeks.
    1. Battery draining fast – I check and optimise the battery usage and I’m afraid to use any apps. I have to have the Mobile Data turned off, which stopped the battery draining then I have to manually turn on the data to send and receive pics and mms.. I should not have to do with this expensive phone.
    2. The phone would not turn once I had it off. Takes 3-4 times before it would load. It kept turning off.
    3. It went dead 2 weeks ago and I reset it by following online advice – pressing volume key, home keys etc.. it worked for a while.
    4. NOW – It IS TOTALLY DEAD. Little blue light is on but I can’t reset it. NOTHING.

  36. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and it does not turn on. What happens is that the logo shows up when it’s booting up but then turns off again and then does it again. I have tried the different types of resets and I really need help.

    Thank you

  37. Hello!
    A few days ago I installed an app called Dr. Fone on my Windows in order to restore some pictures from my phone. After I allowed debugging, it installed dr. phone and MobileGO apps on my phone, but I realized that my phone needs to be rooted to restore the pictures, so I gave up on the idea (I don’t want to root my phone). My phone (Samsung Galaxy S7, Marshmallow 6.0.1) gave me a notification that “Unauthorized actions have been detected” and it’s telling me to restart my phone in order to undo them, but restarting doesn’t help. I uninstalled Dr. Fone and first scan after that showed that my phone is secure, but about half an hour later the notification re-appeared. I uninstalled MobileGO and same thing happened. In the meantime my phone battery is draining like crazy and and yesterday it wouldn’t charge for a while at all. Is there anything I can do without resetting it to factory settings? I have data that I cannot backup and can’t lose either.
    Thank you for your time!

  38. I can not start my LG g6 i have tried all the trouble shooting and still does not start. What can I do?

  39. My Samsung S3 Neo have stopped sending messages and receive few only.
    I did install FreedomPop mesaging but they stopped, I use talkmobile provider. They tested few settings in network and one in messaging by changing network number but no luck. Same SIM works in Coolpad Note 5, and old Samsung non-android GT-2121B .
    kindy adive what can I do next? all updates are done.

  40. my samsung note 5 is stuck. although the blue light of the charge is oney , i can’t turn it on. i tried many ways but they all were in vain.

  41. Samsung s5 had charging issues. After trying the suggested “Take out the phone battery then press and hold the power button for at least a minute. This will discharge the phone circuit and clear out its RAM. Reinsert the battery then turn on your phone.” phone is in factory mode and says “downloading Do not turn off target.” It has been like this for at least 1/2 hour. Is this normal? How long should this take? Thank you!!

  42. Since my update and coming back from Florida i have avery hard time connecting to internet.I have to go to only one part of house .I never had to do that before. Mine work twice as fast as my husbands Iphone so i was the one to order and look thing up . What happened

  43. My Tab 3 lite can not connect to internetm with mobile data. The wifi works perfectly. No problem with account or sim card. I did the trouble shooting. What could be the problem please?

  44. I tried all your steps but none seemed to have worked. I have 2 xiaomi mi5 devices. the first device has the issues while the 2nd does not. I took both devices apart and swapped the batteries. The first device still won’t charge, but the 2nd device does charge. The first device will turn on if I have it plugged in.

  45. I have a Samsung Galaxy s6 (it’s been unlocked from its original network) and I’m trying to find a way to update it to the latest Android OS Nougat

  46. Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Here is my issue, for the past 3 hours my phone has been ringing on and off as If I have a call, however, my phone remains black, there is no call showing to answer and my call log is not showing any missed calls.

    When I call the phone from a number (in my contacts) it shows up just fine. What can I do?

  47. I currently own a Samsung Galaxy S6 and I have been wondering why I haven’t received the Nougat Update (Android 7.0). I am currently in Canada and my phone service provider is Freedom Mobile which used to be Wind Mobile. Same situation applies to my sister except she already received the update. If you have any type of idea, that would be appreciated.

  48. I have a Samsung note 3. there was a recent update done and now I can’t seem to locate where my settings are located?

  49. Good morning TDG,

    I am in possesion of a S7, for about 1.5 years now.
    However after working fine for 1.5 years, it recently started freezing occasionally and just this morning i woke up to find it “dead” i say dead because it does NOT respond to any button combination thats out there to fire up a reset. i tried 5 different chargers and even USB charging it from my Desktop AND laptop all USB ports have been tried and even different cables. none worked, I’m pretty much in sheer panick because i am reliant on my phone for business and at the moment i am not in a spot where i am able to afford a new one, or even a 2nd hand one.

    I am at a total loss here. I sincerely hope you can help me, It’s past its warranty, and knowing the big businesses as they are, it wont help much sending it out there.

    Kind regards,

    J. Pleunis

  50. the questionairre is not working well, i cant type the country and i cant type the provider or other details it seems very limited in response options

  51. My battery won’t charge. When the phone is plugged in, i can turn the device on, but the battery itself won’t hold a charge. How can I take the battery out?

  52. Sir I am using Samsung s2(model19100).. .. The cellular deta gets on automatically….. .. Plz provide me solution to it..

  53. I charge the battery several times and it’s indicate 100% full. After few minutes the battery is low like i didn’t charged it’.Please any possible help ?

  54. Hi The camera on my Samsung Galaxy 6 has suddenly become blurry. I’ve followed your post on this issue and disabled the Smart Optical Image Stabilization and cleared the Cache and Data but it’s still blurry. I’ve also checked it in Safe Mode – it’s still blurry. It doesn’t have any water or physical damage and I’ve cleaned the lens. Front camera is OK. Any ideas? Thanks HC

  55. I accidentally dropped my pone (S6) in the bath tub last night. It was a bit wet on the charging slot, I blew in the charging slot and tried to charge it. It was barely charging. Today it won’t charge I’ve tried loads of different usb cords but till dosent work now my phones on 0% and I need it !!!!

  56. goodday. my htc phone suddenly stopped booting. Each time I power on d
    phone it keeps rebooting continuously. the last time I used my phone,
    I was browsing with it nd then it tripped off. I plugged in the
    charger but it just couldnt pass the booting stage. pls what is d
    possible cause and how can it be fixed?

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