Zynga Brings The City But Not The Farm To Google + At Least Not Yet

Although the early adopters and die hard Google+ set have repeatedly said they don’t want to see Facebook games on their beloved Google Plus we always knew they were coming.  Zynga’s poker game was in the first run of Google+ games.

Now that Google has opened up Google+ to the public, it’s that set of users who will be looking for their favorite social media games to make the transition as well. In fact in order to sustain Google+ and the exodus of Facebook users that Google+ and a bunch of unwanted changes to the Facebook experience has caused, social media games needed to come over.

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Zynga has announced that they have brought their hugely popular city simulation game Cityville over to Google+. So far there has been no mention of their Farmville title.  Cityville currently sees 14 million active users a day on Facebook and is hoping to attract both old Facebook users and brand new users with it’s introduction on Google+.  In a statement today Zynga said “Ultimately, we want to make our games accessible to everyone, everywhere–no matter where they play or what platform they play on.”

There are other things besides just users that have lured Cityville over to Google+.  Facebook for instance takes 30% of in app purchase revenue on all their partners games. In true Google fashion they have announced they are only taking a 5% cut. Also, Google is one of Zynga’s early investors so they naturally make great bedfellows.

Google promised to make social gaming less obtrusive to non players then they are on Facebook. Users will be able to customize their settings as to which updates they want to see from their friends. We’re all hoping that we don’t see a bunch of  “xxx needs your help in Cityville” messages in our Google+ feeds.

source: CNet

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