ZTE Will Possibly Launch a Firefox OS Smartphone In Europe


A while back Mozilla announced that they are interested in launching their own OS to compete in the mobile space. While Mozilla is hard at work on their mobile operating system, the debut might be a lot closer than we originally thought.

We’ve seen what early prototypes of the Firefox OS looks like thanks to leaked pictures and screenshots from the Firefox OS emulator, but information on the operating system running on actual devices have been extremely scarce. Chinese company ZTE seems to be really serious about Mozilla’s Firefox OS, as the company announced plans to launch a Firefox OS-based smartphone in Europe. A possible launch in the U.S. market is also being considered, but like most international companies, that’s still up in the air.

ZTE intends to launch a Firefox OS smartphone in Europe before 2013 comes to an end. Analysts are predicting that the Firefox OS might gain 1% market share on a global scale, but since when are analysts predictions always set in stone? The Firefox OS may just amaze the world like Android did a few years back.

source: Phone Arena