ZTE confirms of the security holes found in its US phones


ZTE is in the 4th place on the chart of leading smart phone manufacturers in the world, and going to that level is not easy. It indeed has done some very good work. Also, another two top Chinese manufacturer, Huawei Technologies Co, is also a very well known brand in the world of smart phones and electronics. It is now a well known fact that these two companies have been making attempts and efforts to get into the world’s leading smart phone market, the United States.

The two companies have released a lot of smart phones in the country and most of them are based on Google Inc’s popular mobile operating system, Android. And Android has a very good user base and developer base. So there are many online forums where discussions on Android programming and sharing of Android codes are done. Once such forum or website is the pastebin.com. A programmer has reported here that there is a backdoor found in one of ZTE’s Android phones which are sold in the US.

A backdoor is a way for people to getting into a phone if they know the hardwired password of the phone. This password will usually be known by the manufacturer for some really high level system calls. But for the smart phone in question, the password is freely and openly available online. This is of course a threat to anyone who is using this phone for their personal use and has all the personal data in it.

ZTE said in an email:

ZTE is actively working on a security patch and expects to send the update over-the-air to affected users in the very near future. We strongly urge affected users to download and install the patch as soon as it is rolled out to their devices.

“I’ve never seen it before,” said Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder of cybersecurity firm, CrowdStrike. So, when you are planning on buying a new phone from a Chinese manufacturer, do take care of all these.