ZombieSmash For Android Review

Avaialble On: Android, iOS

Price: $0.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

I’m no huge fan of Zynga, in fact, a lot of their games are just downright pitiful, but I think I may have just come across something that is actually pretty darn good. It’s definitely not your “The Dark Knight Rises,” or even anything like their previous hit title, “Horn.” No, this is basically just a really casual, fun, zombie murdering game. Now, their trailer shows no gameplay whatsoever, which is rather disappointing, but it does show a cool real-life zombie Android. For now, to get a look at the gameplay, you are going to have to take a look at this video, which also gives a good overview of the game:

As you can see, you literally smash zombies in “ZombieSmash,” as opposed to fighting them off with a survival team. By picking up Zombies and throwing them in the air, smashing them on the ground or walls, it adds a whole lot more fun to the gameplay. You’re actually doing something instead of getting frustrated by not getting your guns to aim in the right direction. In fact, you may even start laughing during your zombie killing spree when you discover the fact that their are special abilities in this game. One of these special abilities is a fan, and with your control you can tear the zombies apart in masses. They definitely won’t have any limbs to try and break into your house again.

Another ability that you might just find interesting is the grenade. This does no where near as much damage as the fan, but is still a unique addition into the mix. Another ability that you’ll find is a massive brick, which I would suggest saving for when you find the giant zombies or as I like to call, “Frankenstein Zombies.” This game does not really have a goal to it, although there is a campaign mission, there still is really no direct goal that they have you move towards. The game is all about killing zombies before they reach your house and break in. I think one of the best modes in this game is either the Endless Siege mode or Sandbox mode. Sandbox mode is rather self-explanatory, and so is the Endless Siege mode. On the other hand, you might find that ZombieSmash’s “sandbox” mode is different than what you originally had thought. While you still strive to kill every last breathing zombie on the earth, this time you are given a wide variety of abilities to accomplish that job instead of only going through a limited variety of abilities during each campaign level.

All of that said, I really am enjoying my time with ZombieSmash. Aside from their previous title, “Horn,” this is one of the very few games that they have that I would actually give a good recommendation on. ZombieSmash is available for both iOS and Android, and I will admit that it does look a lot nicer on an iPad due to its Retina display than anything else. You’ll still get good quality on other devices, just not as sharp.

Highly recommended!