YouTube claims T-Mobile is throttling its video speeds without consent

YouTube Android

T-Mobile’s Binge On service has raised some controversy from net neutrality advocates ever since it was released. However, the service has landed itself in some fresh controversy, with #YouTube alleging T-Mobile of throttling data speeds of its videos without any consent from them. It is said that videos are automatically being streamed in 480p, much like other content on Binge On.

It has been said that the two companies are currently in talks to bring this service to fruition, but nothing has materialized as of now. So naturally, YouTube is a little peeved that users are not able to stream content in the quality they desire. T-Mobile is yet to respond to these allegations made by YouTube, so we’re not sure if there’s any truth to what the company has alleged.

Binge On covers a handful of offerings like Netflix, Hulu etc, allowing users to stream unlimited content without worrying about losing data from their monthly limit. This can be likened to the company’s Music Freedom which offers unlimited audio streaming for a handful of music clients. While it’s in stark contrast to the principles of Net Neutrality, T-Mobile has decided to include almost every popular streaming service to make sure there’s a level playing field. The same cannot be said about Binge On, however.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Via: Engadget