You will no longer require a Facebook account to access Messenger

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app is getting a big update today, which removes the requirement to have a Facebook account beforehand. Starting now, the Messenger app can function solely on your phone number, making it that much more similar to WhatsApp Messenger (which is owned by Facebook). You will be asked if the app can look into your contacts. And if the app sees that there are people registered on Facebook Messenger, you can start talking right away.

Of course, Facebook is not completely doing away with the need for a formal Facebook account and those who are not willing to share their account credentials can continue doing so. Although this new feature should go live globally, Facebook mentions that it’s currently being sent out to the users in Canada, the United States, Peru and Venezuela, so its reach is quite limited as of now.

This feature is a welcome addition for users and will not force them into creating a Facebook account. You can find Facebook’s complete press release in the post below.

Source: Facebook