You can now report users as spam on WhatsApp


An update to the WhatsApp application now lets you report customers as spam. This comes as WhatsApp networks are now used by companies for promotional purposes and to keep customers informed about new features and services.

In WhatsApp version 2.12.12 or higher, users will start seeing a “Report spam and block” option for messages arriving from new numbers. You can also choose to add the contact if this is somebody you know. While the blocking feature has existed before, reporting users as spam is new to the application.

This will allow WhatsApp to filter out phone numbers that are considered spam from their servers permanently. This is part of the new Material Design WhatsApp, which can be grabbed from the company’s official site. If you don’t want to report a person as spam, you can also choose to just block them from the drop down menu on the top right.

Are you seeing this feature on WhatsApp, make sure you let us know.

Source: +VishalKhedkar – Google+

Via: Android Police