You can get a Google Chromecast free while signing up for Spotify Premium


#Spotify is rated as one of the best music streaming services out there, thanks to dedicated applications on all major desktop and mobile operating systems. If you’re yet to sign up for the Premium version of the service, well now there’s more incentive to do so as getting a 3-month subscription of Spotify Premium can fetch you a #GoogleChromecast for free.

You have until February 28 in order to be eligible for this promotion, so there’s still some time left before you can make up your mind. Sure, the Chromecast you’re getting here is only $35 in value, but it’s still free.

The Spotify Premium subscription is set at $9.99 per month, so you’re effectively getting more than the price you pay in the form of a Google Chromecast. The possibilities are endless with a Google Chromecast as you can stream content over to your large screen, play music and perform a whole bunch of functions right from your couch. Bear in mind that Spotify is offering the recent version of Chromecast here and not the 1st gen model.

Source: Spotify

Via: Techno Buffalo