Yes A Powerbag Can Charge Your Samsung Galaxy Nexus

As you’re well aware we are big fans of the Powerbag. We saw them first on display at CES in 2011. A year later we saw them again at CES 2012 and they had a full line of possibly the greatest accessory we’ve ever seen.

Powerbags come in a variety of sizes and styles and have three different battery sizes that are fully interchangeable. You can charge multiple USB charging mobile devices in one bag and you always have a charger handy.  We’ve written about Powerbag quite a few times and we’ve even given some away. As you’ll see in the video above we’re preparing for something big, so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, we’ve started to hear rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus can’t charge from a Powerbag.  While that’s not true, it may be a bit confusing. We’ve prepared the short video above to show you how to charge your Samsung Galaxy Nexus with your Powerbag and it doesn’t require any kind of modifications.

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In short, your usb cable that came with your Galaxy Nexus will charge your Galaxy Nexus when plugged into the Powerbags auxiliary usb port. That port is located on the charging device next to where the battery goes.

Watch the video for easy instructions!  Some folks have suggested that this isn’t a convenient way to charge. On the contrary it gives you a much longer cord which allows you to use and charge your phone from your powerbag at the same time.

If you’re headed to South By Southwest at the end of next week we highly suggest you stay tuned to thedroidguy’s twitter feed and Powerbag’s twitter feed for details on those big boxes in the video.