Xiaomi sells out of the Mi Pad 2 tablet in just a minute

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

The #Xiaomi #MiPad2 tablet is the company’s latest iPad mini rival and even looks pretty similar (same display size and resolution as well). The tablet naturally has been pretty popular in the company’s home region of China, thanks largely to the pricing model.

The device was only sold in a solitary 16GB model so far. And earlier this week, the company released the 64GB model as well and the demand was quite apparent as it was sold out in just under a minute after going live.

This is barely a surprise given what we’ve come to expect from the company and its devices so far. The Mi Pad 2 took us all by surprise as it was released in a Windows 10 model along with a standard Android Lollipop version. The Windows 10 variant however is only available in a 64GB storage variant, while the Android model is sold in a solitary 16GB version.

As is the case with every Xiaomi device we’ve known so far, there’s no word on when the device will make its way to the global markets.

Via: Gizmo China