Xiaomi becomes the No. 3 wearables manufacturer

Xiaomi Mi Band

With a growth of 815% in the wearables segment compared to last year, #Xiaomi has risen to the third place according to new data published by IDC. This is thanks largely to its #MiBand fitness wearable which sells for a miserly 15%. It has sold 3.7 million units so far and has a marketshare of 17.4% as of now, skyrocketing the Chinese OEM to the third place in the wearables segment.

With the company launching a successor in the form of the Mi Band 1S recently, Xiaomi can perhaps make a bigger impact on the fitness wearables sector in 2016. Fitbit is still firmly on top as far as shipments and sales are concerned while Apple was at second place in the wearables segment, thanks to the massive popularity of the Apple Watch which has supposedly sold 3.9 million units so far.

That’s telling a lot given the prices that the Apple Watch sells for compared to something like a Fitbit or a Mi Band. But that shouldn’t matter much for Xiaomi which is currently on course to make a bigger impact on the mobile industry in the coming months. One can imagine the kind of damage the company can do if it ever makes its way to the North American markets.

Source: IDC

Via: Android Central