Xbox One games revealed for E3

Ryze: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome is a new game from Crytek that takes the concept of leading a medieval battlefield and puts you at the forefront of the battle. Leading the charge on the beachfront, the game showed some nifty concepts and design coming to the Xbox One console.

This game will have SkyDrive and multiplayer functionality, allowing the gamer to join games.


Killer Instinct, a very old game with an incredible fan-base, will be coming to Xbox One. Killer Instinct III, from Rare, will be built for Xbox One and bring back the fighting genre everyone loved on PC.

We just watched the developer for Killer Instinct smash a gamer and he then published the fight to share, he can also quickly edit the game and share it onto the cloud.

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Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac Games will be coming to Xbox One, even though the trailer was short, it shows a stylised cartoon-like game, similar to what Insomniac did with Spyro, with a open shooter and always changing worlds.

Minecraft will be coming to Xbox One and will be ported with better maps and new features. Shows the commitment to indie games, hopefully there will be more than just Minecraft on the Arcade platform.


Forza Motorsport 5 is back and it adds better AI and incredibly new design and texture. The game, even in single player, will play like it would in multiplayer, because the AI is so fantastic. It is an impressive new game, even if we didn’t see any real gameplay.

Quantum Break was again shown off on the Xbox One, although we have yet to see any real gameplay. It does look like a fun experience however, with the ability to stop time for a limited amount of time.


Dead Rising 3 will be coming to the Xbox One, it has a redesigned engine and better graphical fidelity. The main character, Nick, fights against thousands of zombies in an open world. The gamer can build different weapons and use any number of objects as tools to defeat the zombies.

The game has new mechanics to make sure zombies are not overwhelming in the open world, flare guns and noise can put zombies in a state of france. Cars will be in the game for faster travel around the world. Dead Rising 3 will be an Xbox One exclusive.


The Witcher 3 will be coming to Xbox One, it will be free roam and Project Red believe there is over 100 hours of gameplay for users to sink into. Optional voice commands will be added and SmartGlass will be integrated for quick storage.

This will be a next generation RPG with tactical combat, new enemies, a huge new world and an immersive story for fans of the game. It will be coming with the Xbox One launch.


Battlefield 4 was shown off at the Xbox One event with new gameplay at 60fps. The new DICE engine makes almost all the map subject to damage and destruction.

DICE has really worked hard to make all elements feel real, from the waters to the fires on the ship, everything feels like a next generation game and the gameplay has been improved.

First map pack will be on the Xbox One.


What Lies Below is a new exploration fighter and even though the trailer was only a minute long it showed the gamer with another player, possibly showing the multiplayer and puzzle aspect to the game.


343 Industries comes onto the stage with the new Halo experience for Xbox One. They have already announced Spartan Assault and the Halo TV series.

This will be a new FPS for Xbox One, we do not believe it will be Halo 5, something more like a continuation on the Halo 4 game.


Titanfall is a new game coming from Respawn Entertainment and is another exclusive to the Xbox One. The game is a new IP and feels like Halo, mixed with Red Faction, mixed with Mass Effect.

The gameplay shows this new title is an FPS shooter with new mechanics suitable for SmartGlass and Kinect. Titan’s are large combat fighters with soliders inside and are the advanced military force.