Xbox Music preparing to launch on Android


Microsoft once had one use for the Xbox brand, but with Windows 8 and the new “one Microsoft” idea, the company has started using the Xbox brand for all entertainment services, including Xbox Music, Xbox Video, Xbox SmartGlass and Xbox Live.

Xbox Music was released on Windows platforms and members could use the service for free to listen to tracks. The service is coming to Android and iOS, but with some disadvantages, including paid subscription after a certain time.

Microsoft will offer six months of free streaming on Xbox Music with ads and then will offer limited time, after the time-limit, users will have to pay a subscription fee to listen to unlimited amounts of music.

This is a good move by Microsoft, if they want to really make money on their services, having them on the two major mobile operating systems is a must. Even if Google and Microsoft are not getting along right now, Android can bring good revenue and so can iOS.

Microsoft is diving in the deep end with this music streaming service, Pandora, Spotify and Rdio already have some traction and both Apple and Google have just made their own, iTunes Radio and All Access, respectively. We wonder if the company will be able to grab any traction with Xbox Music and if the app will be featured on both platforms, considering they are rivals.