Wow Best Buy Ends Re-Stocking Fees For Everything Except Special Orders

For years people shopping at Best Buy have been plagued with a 15% restocking fee on most computer equipment and mobile electronics including laptops, netbooks, tablets even camcorders, digital cameras and more. They also had a special 10% restocking fee on iPhones (which we thought were return to vendor). Well that’sall changed. Saturday ended the 15% and 10% restocking fees on everything except special orders.

Check out parts of the internal memo posted by website after the break.

Effective Saturday, Dec. 18, the 15 percent restocking fee will no longer apply to computers (including notebooks, tablets and iPads), projectors, camcorders, digital cameras, radar detectors, GPS navigation, in-car video systems, DJ equipment and lighting, or Pro-Audio equipment. The 10 percent restocking fee will no longer apply to iPhones. Restocking fees shouldn’t be charged for any returns of these products going forward.

This policy change is being made because we want to be the best destination for gifts and technology. To do that we need to make it easy for our customers to return product when they need to, which will give them one more reason to love Best Buy.

They also went on to say that they would honor anyone who had to pay a re-stocking fee in the past 30 days (From November 17th to December 17th). So if you did return one of the products under the original policy in the last 4 weeks hurry over to Best Buy and get your refund on that restocking fee.

An inquiry to Best Buy’s PR department hasn’t been returned (presumably because it’s the weekend) however we would like to know if this is a policy just handed down after their dismal Q3 results or if this has been in the works for a while.

Before Best Buy killed Compusa and Circuit City the 15% restocking fee was pretty much normal at Big Box electronics stores however with the competition out of the way and more and more people turning back to specialty stores and online shopping Best Buy wanted to create another reason for consumers to feel confident in their purchases from their stores.


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