World’s fastest home internet unveiled by a Sony backed ISP in Japan


A Sony backed ISP, Sony Net has unveiled world’s fastest home internet network which provides transfer speeds of upto 2GBPS. This would be much faster than the famous Google fiber network in Kansas City and would be much wider in scope.

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Many of you may not know that Sony has its presence in the internet industry too. The Sony backed ISP, So-net Entertainment, recently announced the availability of the world’s fastest internet service for home use in Japan. Although the ISP has been around for a while, this news is certainly going to make it more famous.

Now you must be wondering why Japan gets the fastest internet connection and not US. Well, to be fair, over 25% of the people living in Japan have access to high speed internet which makes it the second most high speed internet connected country in the world. It is a great achievement which has been made possible due to the tremendous backing from the Japanese Government. So we are not at all surprised that the fastest internet connection is launched first in the country.

Moreover, expanding the fiber network to a highly populated and planned city like Tokyo is much easier than other cities around the world. The city is tightly packed with apartments, built wherever you get space and hence it is easy to roll out the fiber network to each and every household in the area.

The high speed internet connection officially known as the Nuro Light Network would allow users to download at 2GBPS and to upload at 1GBPS. And if you are wondering whether this would cost you a fortune, then don’t worry, it doesn’t. The connection comes as a two year contract from the ISP with a monthly payment of ¥4,980 which comes to around US$51. We think it’s a pretty decent amount considering the staggering speed that you get. Moreover, the company will also waiver the installation fee of ¥52,500 if the user applies for the connection online.

When we compare it to the fastest ISP in US, Google Fiber, we can clearly see that the NURO Light Network offers faster speeds for a much cheaper price. Google Fiber is up and running in Kansas city and you would have to pay around $70 every month for the 1GBPS connection. That’s only half the speed of what So-net Entertainment offers and is much costlier than the Japanese network. But we may see a price drop in the future when such connections become more common.

At this rate of progress when we have even achieved the speed of 186GBPS across a standard optic fiber, high speed internet with speeds over 1Gbps will be common in the near future. However, we can’t really say that we will get such high speeds across the country in the next few years but we really hope that we won’t have to wait for too long given that such speeds have already been achieved.

via PC World