World of Goo For Android (Review)

worldofgooAvailable On: Android, iOS

Price: $4.99 on mobile devices

Download: Google Play Store | iOS App Store

World of Goo was created by developer Tomorrow Corporation and released back in 2008 on the PC (I’m unsure of a release date on mobile platforms). World of Goo is available on the PC, Android and iOS. Pricing depends on what platform your purchasing it on. On the Google Play Store for Android devices it costs $4.99, which is the same price on iOS. For the PC the game costs $2.49, as it is currently on sale. World of Goo usually runs at $9.99 on the PC.

The goal of World of Goo is to save the gooballs in each level. To do this, you use gooballs that you have already saved to build a contraption to save gooballs on the other side of the map. At that point, you build the contraption up to a pipe where all of the extra gooballs are sent to the World of Goo Corporation. The World of Goo Corporation is where you can build a tower with the extra gooballs you saved. Not only that, but with the OpenFeint platform you can see towers other people have built as well. Unfortunately, OpenFeint has closed down, so the feature no longer works as it was originally intended.

World of Goo is an extraordinary game and has been well received around the gaming community. It’s been so successful that the original developers have gone on to create another game known as “Little Inferno,” which is another amazing game. One of my favorite things about World of Goo is the humor it offers. Sign posts are placed in just about every level with a bit of comedic dialog attached while offering helpful information for the level at hand.

There really isn’t a whole lot you can compare this game too, as it is extremely unique. After all, it was created by an indie developer, and indie developers tend to make very unique games, and World of Goo is no excuse.

My only complaint with World of Goo is the lack of content updates. It’s obvious that the developers had no plans of putting future content updates in, but with World of Goo having such a draw, levels tend to fly by leaving you wanting more. Playing Little Inferno the other day, I was wishing there was a lot more content. That said, I feel the developer — and this is a assumption here — would rather create short and fun games than games packed full of content that could potentially lose the gamer’s attention. Therefore we probably will not be seeing any future content for World of Goo, which is very disappointing.

I highly recommend picking up World of Goo for your Android or iOS device. If you play games on your PC or Mac, grabbing the game on one of those platforms would be a wise purchase as well.

For those of you who have already checked out World of Goo, you may want to check out the developers next title, Little Inferno.