Working Apple 1 Sells at Auction for Record Price of $671,400

Apple 1 A working Apple I has broken records this week by sell for the sky high price of $671,400, this price broke the previous record at the same auction house of $640,00 which was set least year in November. The lucky person to win he auction of a working Apple I is an anonymous Asian buyer, the computer was hand built by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in jobs garage.

This computer that sold for the extreme price is special because there are only 46 remaining examples of this computer left in the entire world, computer historians will explain that the Apple I was a pioneer in the computer industry that took computing from hobby shops to the mainstream. The Apple I was designed by Steve Wozniak and had 4 kilobytes of memory compared to the modern day MacBook Air with over 4 million kilobytes.

The computer also comes with a signed letter from Jobs to the original owner Fred Hatfield, Jobs signature alone is very sought after which makes the package even more valuable. Early Apple products are the most sought after and fetch the highest price at auction as is evident from the past few years of Apple I, II’s at auction fetch top dollar.

Source – MacRumours