WordPress.com went down with millions of blogs

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If you are using Word Press as the backend for your blog or website, you would have noticed that your blog or website was not available for a few minutes yesterday. That is because Word Press was down. Yes, along with Word Press, it took millions of websites and blog down with it, including The Droid Guy. I was not able to access the dashboard at around 1:24 PM. This is the second time this outage is happing this week, and that is bad. Because Word Press asks us to “Stop worrying about downtime.”

The PR team of the company did issue a statement soon after, saying the outage was not more than five minutes, and that the problem was due to an error in the code:

WordPress.com had a site-wide outage that lasted less than 5 minutes. This outage was related to a small code issue and all sites are up and available now.

But Automatic, the company behind Word Press, said something different, a bit contradictory to the statement given out by the PR, if you will. And this statement was a bit informative:

At 1:20PM Pacific there was a site-wide outage/service degradation on WordPress.com.  The root cause was identified to be some debugging code which was trying to connect to servers which had been decommissioned.  Once the issue was identified, it was quickly resolved and service returned to normal about 1:27PM.  We are in the process of auditing our codebase to ensure the same problem will not happen in the future.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

So automatic says that Word Press had been out for around 7 minutes. There are a lot of other very high traffic generating sites which use the Word Press VIP service, namely Tech Crunch, Giga Om, Venture Beat, MSNBC, Piers Morgan, Green Bay Packers, and many others. There are more than a billion sites and blogs on the internet which make of Word Press’s services. So it is pretty sure that the company is working as hard as it could to set this right.