Windows Amber update to bring Nokia Smart app and FM Radio on all Lumia phones

Nokia phones are known for their Lumia specific apps and today, the company said that the next amber update which would roll out soon will bring in some cool camera features.

nokia smart camera

The update will be available for most of the Lumia phones including Lumia 920, 928, 820, 720, 620 and 520. One of the main features of the update is Nokia Smart Camera app. With this new app, users can capture up to 10 photos at a time and edit them using different modes like Best Shot, Action Shot and Motion Focus.

The action shot takes a lot of photos while you are in motion and merges them into one picture. This feature is quite similar to the drama shot found on the Galaxy S4.

action shot

The motion focus makes the picture look like its moving fast. Below shown is a sample photo taken with motion focus.

motion blur

But amber is not just about camera enhancements. With this update you get a surprise feature too, a feature which was earlier found on all Nokia phones. The amber update would enable the hidden FM Radio service on all Lumia phones (except Lumia 620), something that many of the users missed. However, we wonder why the company took so long to enable the service especially when they say it was hidden from the start.

The update is said to bring in some other features and improvements too, but we would have to wait till Nokia releases more information on the same. Stay tuned for more details on the amber update.

via Pocket lint