Will Google’s Steeply Priced Chromebook Pixel Gain Traction In the Market?


Google has set its foot in a lot of fields with one of them being Chromebooks. These cloud based laptops/notebooks (if we can call it that) don’t brag of a lot of raw horsepower. The Samsung and Acer Chromebooks that are available in the market today come for a very good price and do its job convincingly. As long as the user performs most of his/her operations online, they will find nothing to complain about these units. However, Google has just upped the ante in a major way by launching a new Chromebook with a relatively bigger display and an industry topping resolution. This seems like a solid answer to people complaining about Google’s lack of presence in the notebook segment. This device which is known as the Chromebook Pixel also sports other decent hardware specs, so it’s not just the display where the new notebook excels. It’s rather surprising that we just heard about touchscreen Chromebooks yesterday and we have an announcement already.

The Chromebook Pixel will pack a 12.85-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 2560×1700 and a 3:2 aspect ratio. There’s an Intel i5 chipset as well as Intel HD Graphics 4000 on board along with 4GB of RAM. The Chromebook Pixel comes in a 32GB variant for now, but it is believed that Google will launch a Verizon exclusive 64GB LTE variant of the notebook soon. The storage shouldn’t matter much as it also packs an SD card slot for easy memory expansion. The tablet also packs an HD front facing camera along with two full sized USB 2.0 ports. I’m not sure if the Chromebook Pixel offers a different version of Chrome OS, but there’s no mention of it here, so we’re guessing it’s pretty much the same OS as we see on other Chromebooks. However, the Chromebook Pixel comes with bonus features like free 1TB of Google Drive storage for a period of 3 years and also 12 GoGo in flight internet passes. Now for the all important question, i.e. the price. Well, the Chromebook Pixel isn’t going to go easy on the wallets with its price tag of $1,200 on the Google Play Store. We guess this is a little too much for a notebook of its caliber, but there’s certainly something more to it than meets the eye.

Google clearly doesn’t expect to sell the Chromebook Pixel on a large scale, which is evident from the price tag. However, it’s the cloud services and the awesome display which are key aspects of the notebook and will be crucial for potential buyers. As days pass by, we’re seeing Chrome OS transform into a standalone operating system which can be a hint of what to expect from the future. For now, these Chromebooks haven’t seen widespread sales and we don’t expect the Chromebook Pixel to change that. The pricing puts it in the same segment as the Microsoft Surface Pro, so there will be comparisons made in the coming days. Let’s hope something good comes out of the Chromebook Pixel, but the price will pretty much put a damper on Google’s ambitions. We feel a price reduction is in order to make the Chromebook Pixel an attractive proposition.

Source: Chrome Blog
Via: Talk Android