WiFi Connectivity Problem in Galaxy Note 2

Recently we have discussed the possible causes and solutions to the WiFi connectivity problem experienced by some Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phones. In one article, we presented using the Power Save Mode to optimize the performance of the phone’s WiFi. Other solutions were also presented here.

Since the Galaxy Note 2 is running in the same Android operating system similar to the Galaxy S3 and S4, the articles listed below can help troubleshoot the issue as well:

1. WiFi Auto Connect Problem

2. WiFi Connectivity Keeps on Turning Off

3. Phone Asks for WiFi Password Every Restart

Additional WiFi Connectivity Problem Solution Suggested by A Reader

If any of the WiFi connectivity problem solutions presented here before fail to solve the issue even when going as far as performing a Factory Reset to your Galaxy Note 2, it may already be hardware-related.

In a story shared to us by Rob Coe, one of our readers, when any of the previous solutions here did not fix his WiFi connectivity problem, he suspected that it may no longer be a configuration issue or a simple software glitch. Thus, he contacted his carrier about it.

Like many other Samsung smartphone users who directed their problems with their carriers, Rob’s carrier did not provide him a definitive answer at first. So, after bugging them about it, they finally agreed to open up his Galaxy Note 2.

From there, they found out that the phone’s WiFi antenna was poorly connected. It looked like it was only hanging on a thread. The carrier ruled out that it was a factory defect (since Rob’s Galaxy Note 2 was only bought last December). Finally, they had the unit replaced.

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