Why BlackBerry 10 will succeed? – Part 2

Continuation of Why BlackBerry 10 will succeed?

1)      Attracting developers: RIM understands the value of apps and has been trying all methods to have their app store filled with apps. As you know, BlackBerry 10 is an all new platform, the company must ensure that BlackBerry App World has good number of apps. Android has more than 700,000 apps in the Play Store, and there’s no way RIM can catch up with that, but then BB10 wouldn’t require 700k apps. If the platform has all the important apps, that’s enough to keep customers happy for a while.  RIM was able to get over 15,000 app ported to BB10 platform by offering developers $100 for each app submission that got approved. There are several other offers from RIM where developers will be able to win trips to conferences and many other incentives. RIM is making sure that developers receive the best treatment ever. Currently the App World has 70k apps.

2)      Loyal fan base: BlackBerry brand has a loyal fan base. Currently, there are over 79 million subscribers. I have few friends of mine who are BlackBerry users and they are sure of upgrading to a BB10 device when it launches. Even if a small percentage of those 79 million users decide to upgrade their handsets, RIM will surely recover the money they invested in BB10 in no time. Several BB users have moved on to iPhone or Android devices, and some may come back seeing that BB has finally improved.

3)      The Hub: The Hub is like a universal mailbox. It’s all about saving time. With The Hub, you won’t have to stumble through various apps such as email, sms, whatsapp and many more. Instead, this universal mailbox will have messages from all these apps at one place, thus effectively saving a lot of time for the user. It can even bring content from social networks Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and apart from that there’s a built in calendar which will keep you organized.

4)      Multitasking: Phones are coming with faster processor these days and they are basically computers. You can multitask easily, but only if the platform allows you to do so, and BB10 does allow you to. The platform allows the user to have up to 9 applications running in the background, and user can easily switch from one app to another using easy gestures.     The user experience should be great on BB10 with true multitasking.

5)      Trademark keyboard: BlackBerry is known for its keyboard. Most of the users, especially enterprise users would like to have a physical qwerty keyboard, and we know BlackBerry is the best when it comes to that. RIM will be launching X10 in few days and that will have a physical qwerty keyboard. The Z10 seems to be the flagship device, and it’s a full touch screen device, but the good part is that RIM has worked a lot on the onscreen keyboard and the keys are well-spaced, accurate, offers decent predictive text, and even simultaneous multi-language support.

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  1. Tracking the article about BB10, I am confident that RIM shall come back to the market with a BANG.

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