Whoops Partner Leaks The Name Google Drive

Everyone is waiting to see the next great product from Google. We’ve heard rumor after rumor that Google is going to unveil a cloud based storage system similar to box.com and dropbox. So far the name we keep hearing is “Google Drive”.

Well it looks like partner LucidChart has let the cat out of the bag. Theverge.com obtained the screen shot above showing that LucidChart’s synchronization tool will work with the forthcoming Google Drive. As soon as Theverge reported on this, the page seen above quickly disappeared, which gives the rumor even more credibility.

If that’s not enough for you, LucidChart’s CEO Karl Sun is a former Google senior engineer so there is already a relationship between LucidChart and Google.¬† There’s no telling when Google will officially announce or release the Google Drive service, however Google IO is just two months away and that’s where they officially unveiled Google Music Beta last year.

We’ll see.

source: Theverge via Google9to5