White Nexus 4 Poses For The Camera Again, Google I/O Announcement In The Cards

I’ve been trying really hard for the past 12 hours or so to hunt down an Android story unrelated to Google’s I/O event set to take place later this week, but there’s simply nothing out there. Nada. Zilch. You know, except for Sony’s attempts to make people even more confused about the Xperia family, which we already covered.

Thankfully, there’s so much in the rumor mill regarding what Google could bring in San Francisco for this year’s I/O that, even if there were other stories around, we’d probably ignore them to talk more about the X Phone, second-gen Nexus 7, LTE-enabled N4, LTE-enabled N7, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, 5.0 Key Lime Pie, Google smartwatch and, last but not least, white Nexus 4.

Nexus 4

Wait, did anybody say “white Nexus 4”? Yes, I did, even though the thing did appear to be an internet hoax and nothing more for a second there. Or more like for three months, but you get the idea.

The first time we spotted what looked like a snowy LG/Google Nexus 4 was back when snow was in fact a very used word in our vocabulary – near January’s end. The snazzy device smiled nicely for a Vietnamese camera, but in lack of subsequent confirmation or further proof of its existence we were just about ready to file it under shameful fakes.

Only now the handheld is back to haunt us (in a pleasant way, obviously), again courtesy of pics shot in Asia. The white N4 did however move a little in the past three months, crossing the South China Sea that separates Vietnam from the Philippines.

A Google+ user around those latter parts going by the name of Ervin Sue posted the device’s new photos, “forgetting” to mention how he got ahold of the white N4. What he did do is link to the #io and #io13 hashtags, which could mean he has inside scoop the new phone will be showcased in San Francisco this week.

Either that, or he’s just making a (very logical) assumption. In any case, what we’re dealing with here is a Nexus 4 with a white and sparkly (in a certain angle) back and pitch black front, most likely replicating all the specs of the original LG-made Nexus phone. Save maybe for the storage and connectivity options, given recent rumors that Google is looking to bring an N4 rehash with 32 GB of memory and LTE.

As for pricing, if the “new” Nexus does come with 4G speeds and double the storage of the original, it will probably raise the bar to around $400 outright. But enough with the “coulds”, “maybes” and “probablys” and let’s just wait the extra couple of days until I/O’s debut. We’ll be here to report on everything that goes down at the conference, so stay with us.

Via [Android Central] and [Google+]

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