While Steve Jobs Is Away, Tim Cook Will Bash Android In His Place

Apple’s PR people are a well oiled machine. Yesterday they strategically announced Steve Jobs departure on Medical leave on a day that the US Stock markets were closed and then backed it up today with some strong numbers.  In recent days Steve Jobs has taken the time after their quarterly earnings results to rail on Android.  We weren’t sure what was going to happen but Tim Cook, since he is taking Steve Job’s place right now, went ahead and did it anyway.

Today Cook said that the current brand of Android tablets are just “scaled up smartphones” saying that they were a “bizarre category”.

Cook did quote Google and say that the current tablets used an operating system that wasn’t designed for tablets, which until the release of the onslaught of Honeycomb tablets is true, however he challenged folks to compare an iPad to the current variety of Android tablets and said you’d pick the iPad… we would not.

Cook didn’t go off on a long-winded rant ala Steve Jobs however he did throw in a little 1-2 punch.  Cook had even more words about Microsoft’s tablet products.

Source: Engadget

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