What to do if your Galaxy Note8 screen is shattered or stays black or blank

Wondering what needs to be done if your #GalaxyNote8 screen is broken after you drop it? Read on.

Problem #1: Galaxy Note8 won’t charge after battery replacement

My Galaxy Note8 suddenly crashed while plugged in my Samsung car charger. I was able to get the phone operating after 2 hours. However , now the phone will not take a charge. I have tried USB and also wireless charging. No success phone power drained completely . I went through all the forums in this page and followed all steps to correcting this issue with no success. I replaced the oem battery with another oem battery. Phone did respond and did turn on. Phone still will not take a charge. Would the next step be replacing the USB daughter board? 

Solution: Just like when troubleshooting a software issue, hardware diagnosis should also follow logical troubleshooting steps. The most obvious thing to check in your case therefore is to see if there’s a problem with the charging port. Try to replace that and see what happens. Afterwards, go ahead and check if the Power Management IC is okay. If either the charging port or PMIC is also busted, you should simply consider replacing the logic board instead of dealing with components piecemeal. It’s going to save you time and effort if you do so.

Problem #2: What to do if your Galaxy Note8 screen is shattered, showing purple colors

Have a Note 8 contained inside a Spigen protective case. Dropped it off a tall ladder onto concrete about 8 months ago…..has worked fine……..then the glass over the camera lens broke and dust got in there so I could only use the front Camera lens.  Then about 2 months ago I dropped it face down onto concrete and the screen shattered a bit. It still worked fine. One day it just went all multi coloured. At first I could see the screen enough to work all the functions still…..then it was completely covered in colours the following day. That happened like overnight. Looked like someone had taken a purple paint brush and painted all over the screen and I couldn’t see anything.  After turning the phone off for a few days – I turned it back on hoping to retrieve pictures I needed for work. But the screen was totally black – couldn’t see anything at all. It still turns on….. I know it needs to go to a service agent, but wondering if you can advise your thoughts on the basis of above. I live in New Zealand.

Solution: There are three major components in your Note8’s screen assembly — digitizer, monitor, and flex cable. If you can no longer see anything on the screen, or if it’s just covered by different colors, that’s an indication that the monitor must had been shattered or permanently damaged. This is the part that displays the images. The digitizer is the thin transparent layer above the monitor that detects your touches. Even if the digitizer and flex cable are intact at this point, you’ll still need to have the monitor working in order to tap exactly the things you want to do. Without seeing what’s Android is telling the monitor to display, there’s just no way that you’ll be able to use your phone. We don’t know exactly what you mean by “basis of above” so pardon us for not being able to give you any thoughts about it.

In case you’re wondering if there’s any thing that you can do to save the device, the answer is no. Unless you are a trained technician that can handle proper screen replacement, you’re better off leaving the repair to someone who does it for a living. Sure, there are a lot of videos showing how to replace a Galaxy Note8 in YouTube but you’ll still have to buy the parts and tools to do the job. Do-it-yourself repairs also tend to cause more trouble if done by an amateur so if you break your phone for good, you only have yourself to blame.

Given the cause of the problem is an accidental drop, it’s also possible that there are other issues aside from the screen problem you’re experiencing now. This means that your phone may still have glitches afterwards even if you’ll be able to successfully replace the screen. If you want to seriously fix the device, we suggest that you let Samsung do the repair for you.

Problem #3: Galaxy Note8 black screen issue, screen is blank

My samsung galaxy Note8 has just broke. The screen was working fine then a solid white block appeared across the bottom quarter of my screen, then it went black and when I try to use it it just flashes small white bar and doesn’t come on. The touch works okay though, I can unlock and find apps that play sounds, my phone rings and I can answer it. But I can’t see anything. This is a recent issues, I did drop my phone and crack my screen…last November in 2017 so I don’t think  that is the issue. Can you help? 

Solution: There’s no software trick that can fix a physically broken screen, or monitor to be exact. You must let Samsung repair the screen for you if you seriously consider using the phone normally again.

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