What to do if Galaxy S9 Plus charger stops working

Hello Android fans! This post will try to answer a question from a user who is wondering what to do now because the Galaxy S9 Plus charging accessories stopped working. If you have the same question too, take a quick look at our suggestions below.

Problem: Galaxy S9 Plus won’t charge

There is a problem with my S9 plus CHARGER. I don’t know what happened.. one moment it was working fine and then next moment it stopped working. At first i thought there is some problem with my phone so i tried charging with a different charger and it was working fine. So there is some problem with my charger and the worst part is i don’t understand what the problem is. So basically when i plug in my charger there is no response in my phone. Kindly offer a solution a for this. Would really appreciate it.

Solution: Like the phone itself, charging accessories can go bad under normal circumstances. If your Galaxy S9 Plus charges fine using another cable or or adapter, then the first set of accessories you were using must have been damaged.

Causes why a USB cable can go bad

There’s a number of things that can damage a USB charging cable but the most common one is improper handling. Careless use of the cable can lead to bending or twisting which can physically cause a break in the metal wires inside. The copper wires running inside the insulated plastic are not immune to breakage so if you are not careful when pulling or storing the cable, you can unintentionally cut some or a significant set of them. These wires are designed to bend or flex but not to the extreme. As the cable is bent repeatedly, one of these tiny wires can physically break. Each strand of wire is tiny so it can only carry so much energy. As more of these copper wires are broken over time, the USB cable can eventually may no longer be able to transfer enough voltage to properly charge your phone. In worst case scenario, the cable will simply fail to work altogether.

Another reason why a USB cable may break is if the cable end gets filled with debris or dirt. When this happens, the metal connectors may not work as expected when you connect it to the phone’s charging port. Try to inspect the end part of the cable and see if there’s any visible traces of dirt. If you have that, you can assume that that part of the cable may have stopped working properly due to debris.

How to prevent damaging a charging cable

In order to make your charging cable life to last long, there’s a few tips that you can try.

  • exert extra effort in properly storing the cable when not in use
  • genty insert and pull the cable when charging.
  • grab the cable by the connector housing (the part near the tip) and not by the cable itself when pulling it out.
  • avoid bending or coiling the cable too much

Use charging adapter properly too

Like the USB cable, the adapter that comes with it must also be treated like any electronics — with care. The adapter housing has a small logic board that connects a few components. These components can break just as easily as your phone if you don’t care for the adapter properly. If you keep on dropping it, place it near a heat source, or plug it in a bad outlet, it can get damaged as well. So, if you encounter any charging issue with your phone, one of the first things to check is if your charging accessories — cable and adapter — are working normally. Try to use another known working cable and connect it to the adapter. This will allow you identify whether or not the cable is problematic, or if it’s an adapter issue.


As a quick recap, solving the issue mentioned above requires knowing first what charging accessory has failed. We know for a fact that the Galaxy S9 Plus itself is fine because it charges normally using another set of charging cables and adapter. If you really want to know why it didn’t charge using the first set of charging accessories, you should use the process of elimination. There are only two obvious reasons for the problem — the cable or the adapter — so you can just use another pair to identify which of them is causing the trouble.


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