What to do if Galaxy A5 keeps saying moisture detected error and won’t charge

Hello Android fans! We want to dedicate this troubleshooting article to #GalaxyA5 users. The cases we include in this post are about common power and charging problems that many A5 users experience. Be sure to browse through the rest of the cases so you’ll be enlightened.

Problem #1: What to do if Galaxy A5 keeps saying moisture detected error and won’t charge

Hi there! I attempted to leave the lengthy comment below in response to a post regarding moisture warning issues in Samsung’s A5 devices, however your site denied the post claiming I was behind a proxy. Please post it to your site under my first name if you so desire. Thanks – Ken ………………………………………………………………………………….. Aug 8/2018 Hi thanks for the info. The backstory to my device is that I purchased it 2 months ago brand new through Fido. It was sold to me in store (via a fido rep) under the premise that it was water resistant up to 3 feet.  Since purchase it has never come into contact with water, not even rain. I live just outside of Toronto, Canada, and while we have had a spell of high humidity weather the past month or 2, I have central air in home and office with an attach dehumidifier on the system. I work indoors mainly and have rarely had this phone outside in the humid weather for long periods. Even if I had you would think Samsung products would be able to withstand simple weather conditions without malfunctioning.

Yesterday I started getting the moisture warnings, and my phone would not charge. For those who have been unable to resolve the issue: I contacted samsung directly today via their phone line after this issue persisted for over 24hrs on my A5, and for 2 weeks on my girlfriend’s A5 as well. While Samsung denied any prior knowledge of the issue (a simple Google search returns plenty of similar results), I was adamant they needed to address it. After 3 phone calls and lots of hassle they sent me to Fonelabs, one of their “affiliated repair stores.”Fonelabs staff were quick to confirm there was no physical or liquid damage to the phone or sensor. Samsung says they will repair the phone free of charge through Fonelabs. (I have yet to leave it for repair as I need my phone for work, so I cannot say that they will hold up their end of the deal).

I’ve been a relatively satisfied Samsung consumer over the past 5 years. Owning an S5, an S6, 2 smart TVs and a Sound System.  However I am now wary of the company as they seemed to not only deny this issue, but took an almost unconcerned and indifferent attitude towards it.  Furthermore, they confirmed via phone that simple humidity can cause liquid damage to the phone (a phone they claim is water resistant). They stated they would not cover the repair costs if the humidity was enough to damage the liquid sensor.  Something is screaming major design flaw here. I recommend calling them directly. 1 800 Samsung. Regards.

Solution: There had been many Samsung Galaxy owners who reported in the past that their water resistant device appeared to have the same situation so you’re not exactly the first one to experience this. Moisture detected warning is a mechanism to supposedly warn a user from charging a wet device to prevent shorting and corrosion. Unfortunately, it appears, based on reports from other users, that this warning mechanism can also be tripped by something else other than water or liquid in charging port. Samsung did not give any official indication whether or not a software bug can trigger moisture detected warning but a lot of users who encountered the problem did confirm that the issue started after updating Android. As only Samsung developer team can confirm if coding imperfections can send false alarms to the system, we actually don’t have an effective solution for this issue at this time. What we know though is that the issue goes away on its own after a system update. If you are 100% positive that your phone has not been in contact with water directly and you’ve already tried drying the phone properly, then the only thing that you can try, if you don’t want to send the phone straight to Samsung for repair or replacement, is to install any available update that might come your way.

When drying your phone, it’s important that you rinse the device with fresh water first. This will help remove any residue that might be in the charging port area. Once you’ve rinsed the device, wipe it dry with a clean, soft cloth. Water in the charging port normally evaporates after an hour or 2 so be sure leave the phone in room temperature. You can gently shake it to get rid of water or moisture that might still be in the charging port. Do not stick anything in the charging port to avoid damaging the charging mechanism inside. If the phone has been dried properly already and the issue remains, we suggest that you bring the device to Samsung so they can replace it.

Problem #2: How to unroot a Galaxy A5 if PC won’t detect it

So I’m using Samsung A5 and rooted it with using SuperSU app. however i think the rooting was not successful because it has affected many part of my phone.  when i boot my phone it shows ” kernel is not Seanoid Enforcing” first problem i cannot update my OS. my PC can’t access my phone (only charges, even in debugging mode). mind you i have updated SAMSUNG driver on my PC hence, there is no way to flash my phone back to original firmware through Odin or Smart switch app  MY PC CAN’T JUST SEE MY PHONE.

Solution: Rooting is basically modifying core system files of your device. Since modification of the system via this method is not guaranteed to work everytime, you always run the risk of messing up the system. And since there’s no universal fix for any rooting issue, it may sometimes be difficult, if not outright impossible, to fix problems. This is the main reason why device makers like Samsung and Google don’t recommend these unofficial software tamperings. As you can attest, there’s no easy way to fix issues that stem from failed rooting procedures. Even third party support sites like us can only give you general direction on what to do. If the cause of the problem is very specific and general solutions like unrooting or master reset won’t help, you’ll most probably end up with a paperweight. This is why such procedures are only recommended for advanced Android users who understands what they’re doing and wise enough to fix problems that they might encounter.

For  solutions to your issue, we suggest that you try to unroot the device first. If you are sure that you use SuperSU app, you can open that app, go to Settings, scroll all the way down, and tap the Full unroot button. Afterwards, youi have to tap Continue to begin the unrooting process. Hopefully, the unrooting process will be seamless and your computer can again start detecting your device. If that won’t work, you can try to use other apps like Universal Unroot to try and unroot your A5. Ever device works differently so unrooting apps may or may not work properly. If your phone stays rooted, try flashing stock firmware to the device. Unfortunately, you need your computer to detect the phone first so you can use Odin to flash a stock firmware. Try using another PC with an updated operating system and Smart Switch installed and see if that will work.

Problem #3: Galaxy A5 not recognized by computer and won’t fast charge

Hello! I have a problem with my Samsung A5. It’s not fast charging anymore. I tried different cables and chargers, even the original one and it’s still not working. It says USB cable charging. I have this problem for over than a week (since 29-07-2018). I tried to connect my device with a USB cable to my laptop, but my laptop didn’t recognize it. Please, if you can help me I will be more than grateful. I’m from Romania and my phone is bought from a company Vodafone.

Solution: If a computer no longer recognizes your Galaxy A5 and it has trouble charging, it may either be caused by a bad charging cable or a bad hardware on the phone itself. Try using another official charging cable and see if that will fix the problem. Otherwise, you want to send it in so Samsung can examine the hardware and determine if it requires repair.

Problem #4: How to recover files from Galaxy A5 that won’t boot up or turn on

I came back from holiday and on the day of our return home, the phone was working absolutely fine. Once i got home, it was still functioning fine and had a >50% charge on it. An hour or so into my return home, i noticed that my pocket was feeling quite hot. I took the phone out thinking i may have left an app (camera etc) on by mistake and hence the reason the phone is hot. Once i took it out, the phone was very hot. And no app was open. So i took the phone and left it near an open window, hoping it cools down. After 5 mins, i returned and noticed it had not cooled down. When i looked at the screen, battery indicator read as below: . % read as 50% . Battery level indicator read as empty Which was weird.

So i put it in the fridge and it cooled down. But the battery was dead by now and the phone would not turn on. Since then I have put it on charge and it does not boot up. If i stick it on charge, the initial screen loads, then that is it. After that the battery symbol (with the plug icon) shows as if it to indicate it is charging and the percentage reads as 0%. Even if the phone is plugged in on the official charger for 4 hours.

Also, when i plug the cable in to charge the phone, the charging indicator (red/orange light) does not stay on constantly, just flashes. So i am stuck. I have tried Power button + Vol Up, Power button + Vol Down …. and everything else that you have mentioned on your site. But no luck. The guys at the local repair shop stated they checked the battery and the battery is absolutely fine. Normally wouldn’t mind just sending it off for repair and getting wiped, but i just want to recover the data from it. Is there anyway you can help?

Solution: Unfortunately, you need to have a working phone in order to access contents in internal storage. If your A5 won’t boot up or power back on, there’s no way to get files from its memory at all. Let a professional repair the phone first (be sure to tell the shop not to wipe or factory reset the phone) so you can back your files up. Unless you do that, those files of yours are good as gone.

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