What is Discord Slow Mode and how to enable it

The Discord slow mode is basically what the name implies, although it only affects the chat aspect of the app. When enabled, you’ll be given an option to set up a time interval before a user can send another message in your channel. 

You can set up the cool down to be as short as 5 seconds up to 6 hours if you want. This is the most convenient way to manage a rowdy channel. So basically, you be the judge if you want to enable slow mode on your channel or not.

If some users send multiple messages that are abusive or look like spam, then this will be a good option for you to use. However, if such a behavior is only done by a certain user, then just block him/her.

How To Enable Slow Mode

The Discord slow mode is disabled by default, so you really have to do something if you want to enable it. But don’t worry, enabling it is easy. You just have to go to the right screen and drag the slider to set the cooldown. 

Such a feature can be enabled regardless of whether you’re using the mobile or the desktop app. It’s a channel-specific feature so you’ll have to access a channel’s settings page before you can set it up. Here’s how: 

  1. Enter the channel you want to enable the slow mode on. 
  2. Access the channel’s settings screen by tapping on the cog icon. 
  3. From the “Overview” tab in the left side menu, Slow Mode can be found in the window to the right.
  4. Drag the slider to adjust the interval time.
  5. Once the interval time is set, click Save Changes.

The slow mode is now enabled

What Happens When Slow Mode Is Enabled

Everybody that enters the channel will immediately know that slow mode is enabled as you will receive a notification that it’s set along with the screen shake when you try to send out another message. 

Users can’t do anything about it except wait until the cooldown is finished. But as an administrator, you’ll be able to disable slow mode anytime you like. Again, you be the judge when to turn off the Discord slow mode. 

We hope that this post can shed light to some of your questions. Thanks for reading!

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