What is 4G LTE Advanced?

Samsung’s CEO just announced a new variant of the Galaxy S4 which will launch a new wireless technology called 4G LTE Advanced. Exactly what is LTE 4G Advanced Technology?

lte-adv-increase-cell-2_1LTE 4G Advanced, also known as LTE-A, will be able to theoretically achieve download speeds up to 3Gbps and upload speeds of up to 1.5Gbps. In the real world, it is expected to be two times faster than current LTE technology.

4G LTE Advanced is able to provide a dramatic increase in speed because of Carrier Aggregation technology. One of the problems with current LTE technology is that the usable frequencies are all split up like a patchwork, making it difficult for carriers to efficiently take advantage of them. Carrier aggregation will allow carriers to combine two separate spectrum bands to minimize latency and improve data rates. By doubling the amount of spectral bandwidth, you double the data rate. Theoretically, LTE-A will allow for the aggregation of up to five separate spectrum bands.

LTE-A is not 5G. It will not require an overhaul of current LTE technology. LTE-A utilizes existing LTE technology in a more efficient way. Still, deploying LTE-A will require networks to upgrade their existing networks. LTE-A is currently available in Russia, and a variant will soon be available in South Korea.

Source: Wired
Image Credit: Qualcomm