Weekly Segment – Intro to Android [Widgets]

By Russell H. Sr. Editor TDG Online

The android community has been exploding with new users every day. All over the place I am seeing people with every kind of Android phone, and everyone is using their new handhelds just a little bit differently. Then I realized that very few of these people have a “seasoned” android user to show them all the tricks and treats to these amazing devices. Android offers more then enough for everyone, and the operating system is easy enough that everyone from my 2 year old to my 84 year old Grandmother are able to use these phones. It’s with that in mind that The Droid Guy is now hosting a weekly segment – Intro to Android. This segment will offer a new tip every week to using your brand new Android phone. We will be doing examples from every UI, and every phone. Plus, the tips will be easily accessible from the Intro to Android tab in our navigation, and an Intro to Android section has been added to our Youtube Channel. Let’s get started!

Widgets. A very funny word for a very useful tool, one that truly separates Android from the rest. A widget for nearly everything is either included in an app you downloaded, or available in the Android Market. This video demonstrates how easily and quickly select and place your Widgets.

For any questions, comments, or if you are interested in contributing to Intro to Android, please contact [email protected]

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