We Go Behind The Curtain With Apsalar To Find Out How They Are Changing Mobile Gaming Forever


We were able to sit down with Apsalar, a Mobile Engagement Management company, as well as walk through the company’s offices. Right off the back when walking in, the look is prototypical start-up, with no cubicles, only desks in the open, relaxed, yet get-work-down type of feel. However, unlike most start-up companies, Apsalar has within a year evolved in a way most take longer to do. Originally, the company gave Mobile Game developers the ability to see cohorting stats weekly; they are now providing the same type of information daily to enhance what developers are looking for. When asked, Michael Oiknine stated,

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We listened to our users and they kept saying they wanted daily info as weekly is to slow. So we redid the whole from the ground up to be able to provide daily stats. Instead of just taking the weekly numbers and dividing by 7 which isn’t truly daily information, but a guess.

By providing developers with these tools, Apsalar helps companies tweak things, such as where the ads are placed. Using Daily Cohorts analysis, companies have more information about the effects of app changes than they’ve ever had before in real time. Companies now can tweak an action, and see how that effects users in a cohort, such as those that downloaded the app in the first so many days, compared against how the same actions where used by users in another cohort. This way, by tracking the reactions users take with the new, different feature, developers can figure out what or if they need to change. Although Apsalar is small in size, what it is doing and providing are essential tools for any game developers out there.

The product is free, and I was assured that it will stay that way. Apsalar currently has an SDK out for both Android and iOS, with further platforms possible if and when the market shows demand. Located in San Francisco and only blocks away from major game developers, the company has helped big game publishers such asThe Playforge  to expand.  Apsalar works closely with game publishers to develop the tools they need.

Below are some pictures from my trip to their offices, they also assured me that they will be adding more things so it doesn’t look as bare.