Virgin Mobile And TCT Mobile Team Up For Juke B

  Sprint’s prepaid Virgin Mobile service has teamed up with a lesser known manufacturer, TCT Mobile, for a new Android device.  The JukeB by TCT is a candybar style phone with a fixed qwerty keyboard. It’s a similar form factor to the Verizon Droid Pro and the Sprint Motorola XPRT and Sprint Samsung Replenish. Virgin does have a qwerty slider, the Samsung Intercept.

The Juke B will most likely be an Android phone with an emphasis on music the way the new Samsung Vitality is with Cricket’s Muve Music platform. So far the revealed specs include: QVGA display, running Android 2.3.4.  Although the only word on carrier is Virgin Mobile in North America, and that could mean either U.S. or Canada, the Canadian Virign Mobile gets the same tier 1 phones other Canadian carriers get.  The TCT Juke B definitely seems like an entry level phone destined for prepaid and the music part suggests it’s going to compete with Cricket’s Muve service.

source: Pocketnow