Samsung Galaxy S8 became too hot and won’t turn on

This post is intended to owners of the Samsung Galaxy S8 whose phones started to heat up for no reason at all and won’t turn on. This kind of problem happens all the time and while we can say it’s an issue with the firmware, we have to make sure it’s not due to liquid

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus moisture detected problem?

Despite the fact that your Samsung Galaxy S8+ is dust and liquid resistant, you may still be bugged by problems caused by water every now and then and the most common would be the warning “moisture detected” which basically tells you the charger/USB port is wet. When this problem occurs, it is almost certain that

What to do with your Samsung Galaxy S8 that won’t charge?

Charging issues are among the most common problems reported by Samsung Galaxy S8 owners. There were those who complained about slow charging while there were also those who reported their devices won’t charge anymore. Below are the most basic troubleshooting procedures you need to do to try to fix the problem. But the purpose of

DirecTV Error Code 775

How To Fix DirecTV Error Code 775 Issue Quick and Easy Fix

DirecTV is a direct broadcast satellite service that allows it subscribers to enjoy their favorite TV shows and is a great alternative to getting a cable TV service. The company is a subsidiary of AT&T and offers its customers several competitive channel packages. Although this is a solid platform there are instances when certain issues

How To Troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy S7 Wont Turn On

You’re staring at a black screen on your new #Samsung Galaxy S7 (#GalaxyS7), wondering what to do because it turn on when you press the #Power key and it won’t respond no matter what. It’s new and it was working fine yesterday, left it lying on the table overnight with enough battery but in the

How to change ringtone on Samsung Galaxy S7

If you’re sick of the default Samsung Galaxy S7 ringtone, changing the ringtone is very easy.  Your Galaxy S7 is actually preloaded with several ringtones that you may like.  If you don’t like the preloaded ringtones, you also have the option of selecting a song as your ringtone.  Simply follow the instructions in the video