Vertu Constellation announced with Android 4.2 for a whopping $6,630

Vertu Constellation

Vertu manufactures a premium line of smartphones, which are made using precious materials like rubies, emeralds and crystals. And for this reason, these smartphones are always way beyond the reach of the common man. The company has just added another such smartphone to its list with the launch of the Vertu Constellation. Interestingly, this is only the second Android smartphone coming from Vertu after the Ti. The smartphone packs a 4.3 inch 720p display, a 13MP camera on the back, a 1.7 GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 chip with what seems to be the Adreno 320 GPU. It also comes with 32GB of storage, a 1,800 mAh battery and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. So it’s not all that bad on the specs front. Vertu is also bundling a bunch of handy software tools like Kaspersky Anti Virus, access to global Wi-Fi hotspots through iPass, encrypted VoIP calling with Silent Circle and a tracking service from PSG.

The Vertu Constellation comes with a grade 5 forged titanium casing, a calf leather covering on the back which extends towards the bottom portion of the front panel and a display covered with sapphire glass which can negate any possible harm to the glass. So Vertu has certainly not compromised with its promise of offering a truly premium smartphone. Interested buyers can snatch the Vertu Constellation for a whopping €4,900 or $6,630 in select markets. We’re not sure if this will create any ripples in the mobile industry, but with a smartphone like this, that’s hardly the objective.

Vertu Constellation -1

Source: Vertu

Via: Engadget