Verizon Wireless Strips Down HTC Thunderbolt

Our friends at Droid Life are reporting that two of the key features to get a phone on Verizon, especially a 4G phone, will not be active at launch.

According to Droid Life’s reliable but anonymous tipster, and confirmed by our anonymous tipster, the HTC Thunderbolt will not have Mobile Hotspot when it hits shelves on February 24th.  The tipster also reports that Skype’s video calling will not be active at launch but have a placeholder.  It’s been reported that both functions will eventually work but there is no target date for that.

When the Verizon Thunderbolt was officially announced at CES, one of the key factors for the HTC Thunderbolt, The Samsung Galaxy S 4G, and the Droid Bionic, was their ability to use 4G mobile hotspot with not 3 or 5 devices connected but 8.  The Thunderbolt is still a still an excellent phone and 4G speeds will make it faster than even the high speed internet in some people’s houses.

There are a couple of theories as to why these features will not be available at roll out. The first is that there is some kind of glitch in both features and hopefully Verizon and HTC are working on those things right now.  The other is that the more Pro Android technology sites (ours, Droid Life, Android Central, Phandroid and many others) have positioned the HTC Thunderbolt as a far superior product than the upcoming iPhone 4 on Verizon (because it is) and Verizon is holding these features back because of Apple.

Of course all that is speculation 😉

What do you think

Source: Droid Life

4 Replies to “Verizon Wireless Strips Down HTC Thunderbolt”

  1. So Skype is on hold so they can finish coding, and tethering will be available shortly. Whats the big deal? How is that “worse than bingafied”? Man, I have to quit clicking these links that take me to bottom-barrel Android sites… Now THIS is worse than bingafied…

  2. As for the screen above where it says simultaneous phone & data.. I can do that with my HTC Desire HD on a 3G network right now.. I don’t know what’s so special about that

  3. I tend to believe it’s the iphone issue that keeps verizon from having these functions available from day 1

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