Verizon Wireless Files For A DVR Patent That Can Watch and Listen To What Is Happening In Your Living Room

Verizon Wireless has just patented a new DVR that has the ability to watch and listen to just about everything that is taking place in your living room. “Why is this sort of technology needed”, you may ask. For targeted advertising, of course!

The goal of this technology is to watch and listen as to what is going on in the room that the DVR is stationed. It will then create personalized, targeted advertisements that is suited for whatever is happening in the room that the device is in. Verizon Wireless gave a few examples as to how this technology would work exactly. If a husband and wife are arguing in the room that the DVR is stationed, an ad would play for marriage¬†counselling.If the DVR heard sounds of cuddling it would kindly play an ad for contraceptives. While it’s cool that the technology is there instead of playing useless ads, I would never have such a thing in my house. It seems a bit risky, you know? Although, if a husband and wife arguing triggered a marriage counselling ad, I tend to think that the TV may be broken during said argument. This could prove to be a bit “counter-productive.”

You can read the full patent at the USPTO source link below. It’s definitely some interesting technology.

I’d definitely be opting out of this technology, but is this something that you would use? Make sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

source: sourcefednews, USPTO