Verizon Wireless Drops Droid Incredible 2 To Just $9.99

Look back two years and you’ll remember the original HTC Droid Incredible. You may also recall the rumors that were actually started by Google that said that the original Google Nexus One (made by HTC) was headed to Verizon Wireless. That never happened, instead Verizon Wireless got the HTC Droid Incredible.

In 2011 Verizon Wireless re-upped the Droid Incredible to the Droid Incredible 2 with a single core 1ghz processor, 4″ display, Android 2.3 Gingerbread and an 8 mega pixel camera. This was by no stretch of the imagination, a mid-range phone at the time.

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The specs alone would probably have it fall into the mid-range category now, but if you’re not looking for dual core power or performance and you’re looking for a solid Android phone on Verizon Wireless you may want to scoop one up now for just $9.99.

As our friends at AndroidCommunity suggest, Verizon is blowing out a number of their great Android devices from 2011 to make way for the new stuff that will be announced in just five weeks at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The TDG team will be on hand for all the festivities starting with the HTC press conference where we are expected to say the Edge, Ville and Primo.

source: AndroidCommunity