Verizon to start rolling out Android 5.1 to the Droid Turbo tomorrow

Motorola Droid Turbo

The Verizon Motorola Droid Turbo will supposedly receive the Android 5.1 update tomorrow, with soak test invites going live earlier today. It must be noted that the Droid Turbo is getting the Android 5.1 directly from Android 4.4 as Verizon and Motorola felt that rolling out Android 5.0 would serve no real purpose with Android 5.1 on the cards.

The information on the Android 5.1 rollout for the Droid Turbo was provided by a Verizon representative. He went on to say that the actual rollout will commence in the afternoon tomorrow, so most users of the smartphone should have the update running before the end of the day.

The Droid Turbo is easily one of the last Motorola flagships to get the Android 5.1 update. This was always expected as it is a Verizon product and devices from the carrier are usually pretty slow in getting the updates. If you’re curious to see what’s new with the update, Motorola has set up a dedicated page for this purpose. Head over to the link below and have a gander yourself.

Source: Motorola

Via: Droid Life