Verizon To Report Android Sales Better Than Expected, iPhone sales dip


Bloomberg is reporting that Goldman Sachs is expecting Verizon Wireless to report a dip in iPhone sales in their second quarter of 2011. Goldman’s Jason Armstrong is expecting Verizon to report that they sold just under the 2.2 million iPhones they sold in Q1. The iPhone had a short Q1 at Verizon as it was introduced in the second month of the quarter.

Armstrong published these beliefs in a research report this morning after meeting with Verizon Wireless Investor Relations Executives.  Bloomberg reached out to Verizon Wireless’ Brenda Randy for comment and she declined.

Armstrong reports that sales of Verizon’s other smartphones, including their Android phones that operate on the operators 4G/LTE network, did better than expected.


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  1. I’m not sure that the Android community is even slightly amazed by this.  What do people think that because Verizon gets it all of a sudden they are better phones.  Or is it changing the color from black to white what should increase sales?  Do they think that racist phone users are going to buy the white one because the black option is somehow inferior.  Somehow this was an expected turn of events.

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