Verizon Moto Z4 Getting Updated to Android 10

  • Verizon is updating its version of the Moto Z4 to Android 10 starting today.
  • The carrier is also sending minor updates to the Galaxy Note 8 and the LG V60.
  • The Android 10 update comes at a time when Google is already releasing beta versions of the Android 11 update which is due this fall.

Verizon has finally decided to send the Android 10 update to its variant of the Moto Z4. It’s slightly late in the day for an Android 10 update, but the customers won’t mind that too much right now. The update brings the build number QDF30.130-42 and a multitude of new changes to the fore.

This includes smarter notification suggestions, faster security updates with Project Mainline, volume control changes, all-new navigation gestures, and a whole lot more. Verizon is also sending out updates to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the LG V60 although these are minor updates with a few bug fixes and latest security patch versions. The LG V60 update includes some improvements to the fingerprint sensor.

Motorola has a decent reputation with regard to updates ever since it switched to a stock Android experience with minor changes on top. However, since the Moto Z4 here is offered by Verizon, the update takes longer than usual. Perhaps the same can be expected of the Android 11 update which will go live on Pixel devices starting this fall.

Moto recently launched pre-orders for two new mid-rangers namely the Moto G Power and the Moto G Stylus. These phones will reach the American markets in around two weeks from now with both devices priced under $300. While Moto’s flagship Razr didn’t manage to impress a lot of people, mainly due to its exorbitant pricing, the company can hope to make some inroads with their low-cost offerings.

If you’re a Verizon Moto Z4 user, the update should have reached your device by now. If it hasn’t, be sure to head over to the Settings to check for it manually.

Source: Verizon

Via: Droid Life